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High-quality Sample College Essays Leaving No Space for Uncertainty

When writing a college essay, students, usually, realize this is not only about the research itself. Many educational institutions have strict requirements in terms of style, the way of putting references, etc. These styles have guidelines, sometimes very extensive. If there is not enough time to study them all, it is beneficial to use a sample college essay that shows how to structure the text and how to cite the sources.

An example of a very specialized kind of writing is an application essay. The best way to approach such a task is to get acquainted with a number of essays. You can easily read sample college application essays presented here. They will surely be helpful for almost any college applicant. In order to understand the concept of presenting the history of your professional career, please see our sample essay yourself. It displays the suitable ways of speaking about your achievements frankly yet humbly.

The most efficient college essay samples for high-school graduates

In the process of studying, many students come across analysis essays. They are also called analytical essays because as the main purpose of such kind of writing is to analyze a subject. It is a very common type of essay in the humanities. If you are required to write an analysis essay, it means you need to:

  • Divide the entire composition into parts and find out how they are connected;
  • Set the central idea of the essay and then put it into several paragraphs, developing the main idea;
  • Be specific in facts and show your own view while avoiding retelling.

Resorting to an analysis essay sample is a common practice as well. By doing so, students learn on a practical example that increases general understanding of the matter. Use of college essays samples turns out to be incredibly helpful.

It also applies to MBA essay samples. Submitting an MBA paper is never easy. Important things you should remember while writing are:

  • Personal approach. No one needs those template-based essays that are all alike. Tell something about yourself.
  • Do the research. Before the application, it is extremely important to do some study on the school, the desired course, etc. If you know nothing about the institution it’s just wired.
  • Express clear ideas. Try to put your thoughts in a clear and understandable way.

Learn more in sample MBA essays provided for study purpose.

Pitfalls of common application essays

One may also need some help with creating common applications. You can use the sample common app essays provided for free at our website. They may be helpful along with a sample college application essay if you need to understand the way it should be structured and written.

Also, feel free to use a sample SAT essay, in case you are preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test, and remember these tips:

  • Use several long words. Do not try to put as many of them as possible. Just add some at the beginning and in the end. It will hint at your educational level.
  • Provide examples. Generalization is not a good method in this case. On the contrary, cite books, refer to movies or even describe your own observations in life.
  • Stick to the classical essay structure. Organizing your text as an introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion won’t harm at all.
  • Be resolute. Choose a point of view and defend it with your reasoning and argumentation. Otherwise, it may seem that you are afraid of taking a certain side.

Passing the GED with ease

The other essay type where the background is important is a GED essay. It is part of the General Educational Development test. Once passed, the test proves that the student has the academic skills of a high-school graduate. For better performance with your writing, remember:

  • It is better to plan your text beforehand. Great structure does not harm anyone;
  • You need to use transitions, so that the essay is comfortable to read. It also shows the logical flow of thought;

See the GED essay samples in order to make the requirements clearer.

If you are still doubtful, hesitate no more. Study the sample college essays at, and the exam will be a piece of cake. Remember that the college essay samples are not substitutes for your own thoughts. They are presented for informational and educational purposes only.

Download Term Paper Sample
(PDF, 26 Kb)

Term Paper Sample

  • Topic: Theodore Roosevelt
  • Type of document: Term Paper
  • Academic Level: High School
  • Reference Style: MLA
  • Number of Pages: 6
  • Number of Sources: 5

Download Coursework Example
(PDF, 22 Kb)

Coursework Example

  • Topic: Theories of Psychology
  • Type of document: Coursework
  • Academic Level: AS-Level
  • Reference Style: APA
  • Number of Pages: 5
  • Number of Sources: 3

Download Book Review Sample
(PDF, 29 Kb)

Book Review Sample

  • Topic: 'Nectar in a Sieve', by Kamala Markandaya
  • Type of document: Book Review
  • Academic Level: College
  • Reference Style: MLA
  • Number of Pages: 6
  • Number of Sources: 3

Download Lab Report Sample
(PDF, 36 Kb)

Lab Report Sample

  • Topic: The Effect of Lysol on Serratia Marcescens
  • Type of document: Lab Report
  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Reference Style: MLA
  • Number of Pages: 9
  • Number of Sources: 2

Download Research Proposal Sample
(PDF, 37 Kb)

Research Proposal Sample

  • Topic: Effectiveness of Abstinence Programs in Nations with High Teen Pregnancy Rates
  • Type of document: Research Proposal
  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Reference Style: APA
  • Number of Pages: 8
  • Number of Sources: 12

Download Methodology Example Sample
(PDF, 154 Kb)

Methodology Example

  • Topic: Mainstreaming Children with ADHD
  • Type of document: Dissertation Chapter
  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Reference Style: Harvard
  • Number of Pages: 15
  • Number of Sources: 13

Download Case Study Sample
(PDF, 413

Case Study Sample

  • Topic: The Impact of Reward on Employee Performance: Case Study of Organisations from Two Sectors in Nigeria
  • Type of document: Case Study
  • Academic Level: Degree
  • Reference Style: APA
  • Number of Pages: 40
  • Number of Sources: 20

Download Case Study Sample
(PDF, 235 Kb)

Case Study Sample

  • Topic: Enhancing  Motivation at Barclays
  • Type of document: Case Study
  • Academic Level: Master
  • Reference Style: Harvard
  • Number of Pages: 25
  • Number of Sources: 10

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