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Are the customer reviews real?
We can assure you that 100% of reviews on our page are genuine and customer-generated. They have been left by people who used our services and purchased our products. Our security managers check every piece of feedback on SameDayEssay.com to make sure it was shared by a real customer and refers to a real case. We believe that showing real customer reviews will help us build a trusting relationship with you, and we’ll appreciate if you share your honest thoughts about SameDayEssay with us.
Is it safe to leave a review on SameDayEssay.com?
Are you afraid that your personal information will be revealed on SameDayEssay.com review page? There is no need to worry. We will never share your name or details of your order with anyone. All reviews on our page are absolutely confidential. The privacy of your personal data is protected in accordance with advanced security standards. We won’t share any of your comments without your permission.
What are ratings of the writers based on?
All of our writers can be rated on a 5-star sсale, with five stars representing “brilliant” and one star representing “very bad.” Every single rating is based on the assessment of several aspects such as years of writing experience, number of completed orders, and average customer rating. Customers can rate their writers based on their general impression. Your writer was professional, super friendly and the paper turned out great? Give them 5 stars! Had any issues with your writer? Take away 1-2 stars. Note that we don’t cooperate with writers whose average rating is lower than 4.