You May Demonstrate Your Writing Skills in Your English Coursework

Find an Interesting and Unique Topic for Your English Coursework
Students are usually asked to write English coursework in school or university. There are many different types of this kind of coursework.

1. First, you may write your coursework as book review.

While writing book review you have a great opportunity to learn how to analyze books. Usually for this kind of coursework writing, students choose publications which influenced the world literature and which comprise some value for literature at all. For example, you may be asked to write your coursework paper on Juliet and Romeo theme. Here you need to analyze the book, stating your own point of view as for the definite aspects of the play.

2. You may also write your coursework answering the definite questions.
This is questions and answers method. For this kind of coursework paper, you will be asked to read some issues (book, journal, newspaper etc). After you have read the given article or the poem you will get a set of questions. Your task will be to write the answers to these questions using the material of the book that you have read. Completing this task you will learn how to read attentively, analyze the scope of material and develop your creative thinking.

To write a good English coursework you should possess:
– critical thinking skills
– writing skills
– creativity in making the original research .

Follow the following guidance while writing your coursework:
– Choose the topic that you are interested in.

Think if you can handle this topic. Try to choose a unique and appealing topic that will draw readers’ attention. Remember that if you choose some boring or too difficult topic then the process of writing might be unsuccessful.

– Start to work on your English coursework in a good time.
You should take into consideration the deadline for submitting your coursework and do your best to complete your paper in time.

– Consult your instructor.
He may give your instructions as for the writing style. He may also check if your topic is worth of investigation

– Find relevant material for your coursework in English.

Think what issues might help you in writing your coursework. Your instructor may also give you the list of relevant readings. Go to your school or university library and find the necessary books. You may also take the information for your paper from the internet. If you take information from different sites make sure that this material is trustworthy and up-to-date. Make critical reading of different issues, choosing only the most important information.

– Structure your paper.
Make an outline that will include the introduction, the main body that may have several paragraphs and the conclusion. If you used some sources for writing your paper, you should also include bibliography to your coursework structure.

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