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COVID-19 Essay: Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Essay Writing • January 3, 2021

Writing an Essay about COVID-19

No one can seriously argue against the fact that COVID-19 had an incredible grasp over the year 2020. Due to this virus, the lives of many were negatively impacted and whole industries suffered extremely large losses.One of the industries that suffered the most was the education sector. So, no wonder that many admission essay prompts for various colleges include at least one question related to COVID-19. There’s quite a lot to say about this topic. It might be good for you to choose to write about the infamous virus.

Is Talking COVID-19 a Good Idea at All?

The impacts of the pandemic on the whole world are very negative. So, is writing about is a great idea? Only if you put the current situation with the pandemic in a positive light. You can talk about your personal experiences and how the COVID-19 quarantine empowered you with time. If you’ve started to learn something, then definitely write about it, too.Another aspect that could push you away from writing about COVID-19 is how overreaching it is for everybody. Meaning that almost all students had to face the disease, and they might be writing essays on this topic, too. Although the pandemic is widespread, your personal experiences of it are unique. So, don’t worry about this point whatsoever.Of course, with such an essay, you have to come up with something interesting, engaging, and new. You want to make your application stand out from all the others. Because of this, you’ll have to think hard about what specifically to write about.

What Not to Write About in the Essay

First of all, everybody has already been affected by COVID-19. The news is constantly going on about it and the social distancing PSAs aren’t stopping either. So, you don’t have to explain its nature to the admissions officers. Instead, you can jump directly into your experiences and ideas only briefly mentioning the pandemic.Also, don’t rely on COVID-19 clichés in your essay. You definitely want to avoid writing about the general problems that almost every student is having. This includes transitioning to online education or not being able to meet up with your friends. Instead of generalizing, talk sincerely about your more unique experiences with the disease.Lastly, avoid sounding like someone who is frustrated at the whole situation like it’s a nuisance. Don’t mention that you couldn’t go with your family on a trip or you now can’t go to your favorite place. These things come from a place of privilege, and you might be lucky in the way you’re experiencing the pandemic. Disregarding the struggle of other people is something to not include in your essay.

Tips on How to Write Your COVID-19 Essay

Before writing your COVID-19 essay, you should seriously consider whether the virus had a meaningful impact on you. Do your experiences make you want to share them with the admissions officers? Remember, you want to impress them with your essay so they would remember you and approve your application.If no, it’s okay no to go on writing the COVID-19 essay. You don’t want to lie and appear insincere inf the writing. If yes, then definitely make use of the 2 simple ideas below. They’ll help you keep on track when writing the COVID-19 essay.

Stay Brief and Genuine

You don’t have infinite space. The number of words is limited. So, don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point quickly, and don’t spread yourself too thin. You may want to start the essay with the problem caused by COVID-19 rather than the sickness itself. Of course, don’t lie about the situation you’re in, because it may come up later during your application.

The Effect COVID-19 Had on Your Life

After stating the biggest issues you experience from COVID-19, you want to write about how these experiences changed you. The essay should be a reflection of you persevered through these tough times. It shouldn’t be a personal blog piece on how bad everything is and that you did nothing this whole time. As an option, showcase the effects it had on your mental health, and how you’ve been battling with this problem.

It’s Not That Hard

If you’d rather enjoy your free time instead of spending it all on COVID-19 essay writing, then no problem. You can easily do so by delegating the work to us. We have hundreds of professional admission essay writers that can write you an essay easily. All you have to do is reach out now!

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