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What is a banking dissertation? It is a kind of dissertation, writing of which requires enough knowledge, understanding and experience in such field. Before producing an A+ level work, the students have to present firm scientific background. There are a lot of topics of a banking dissertation on which the students can make their research. They are:

o Internet banking dissertations topics
– strategies to interest consumers to internet banking
– pros and cons of internet banking dissertation
– electronic money transferred via the internet

o Islamic banking dissertation topics
– is Islamic banking really Islamic?
– Islamic concepts in modern banking system

o Banking dissertation topics
– what bank will be perfect for small company account?
– offshore banking

o Commercial banking dissertation topics

Let is discuss commercial banking dissertations. The nature of relationship between a banker and customer identifies the obligations which emerge from it. Generally, the bank is considered to be the keeper of people’s deposits, so the relationship is mainly contractual. There should be a duty as to the care, but the banker does not have to show it to everyone who visits the bank. Specific circumstances can cause the relationship even where there is no account. The ordinary relation between the customer and banker has the result of applying some obligations on bankers in the accomplishment of their duties. There are specific circumstances or duties if special meetings have been made. For example, there exists a duty of confidentiality or a duty of care regarding the customer’s financial matter.

There is a various number of care duties. The most important of them are:

• To give an advice on financial matters
• To provide a reference of a customer
• To give an advice about security

To give an advice on financial matters is a quite necessary part of the banker’s duty. The banker does not owe the duty of care to a third party who reads an advice instead of another. A manager of the bank should be skilled in financial matters.

When the bank provides a customer’s reference, it can be answerable to the consumer who is the party of the data and to the receiver of the data. But some possibilities can be occurred. The first one is when a statement is incorrect; it is given in carelessness way based on a failure of the bank. The second is defamation. It appears when the consumer’s reputation or business affairs are under threat because of wrong result of the reference.

As to the giving security, the bank suggests the customer to provide a certain form of security to predict another customer’s debts. More often, it happens when a wife signs a certain form of security to be protected from a business of her husband. The situation emerges when the husband has distorted his financial position and uses intense impact in order to get her signature.

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