What should Students Write in the Dissertation Introduction?

How to Make Your Dissertation Introduction More Appealing

Students write dissertations at the universities. The main constituents of the dissertation are the dissertation introduction, the main body that includes few paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, the conclusion and the bibliography.

So as you see that the first chapter of the dissertation is the introduction. For some students it’s difficult to write introduction because it’s the first stage for what will be in the main body. That’s why it’s very important to write a good beginning as it may influence the following paragraphs of the dissertation. If you don’t know how to start or what exactly put into your dissertation introduction ask your instructor to help you with it. In the introduction you should answer the following questions: if there is a problem, what kind of problem it is, why it should be solved, what are the main aims and goals of your dissertation, if there will be any contribution to your dissertation topic from your research, what methods you are going to use to solve the given problem. In the introduction you may also state objectives of your research.

To make the process of writing the dissertation easier you may also divide the introduction into several sections. In the first section write a statement of dissertation problem. Here you should point out why your research is important to the subject field. And think in what way you can fill in the research gaps. In the second section give some background information about the dissertation subject. Here you should write what other scientists think concerning this question, what is already discovered and what is still unknown. But don’t overload your introduction with dissertation study theory and don’t go into great details as you will review it in more details in the main body. In the third section give a discussion about the importance of your study. And in the last section give a description about other dissertation chapters so the reader could know what you are going to lay out in the main body.

If you are done with your dissertation, make a proofreading. Check the dissertation introduction once again. There shouldn’t be any grammatical or spelling mistakes and misprints. Pay attention to the language you use, all sentences should be written in scientific style and grammatically well-formed. Using slang or too personal sentences will create a bad impression on the readers and the person who will check your dissertation.

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