To Write Dissertation Proposal is a Great Challenge for Each Student

When Writing a Dissertation Proposal Use Proposal Writing Hints

Dissertation proposal is difficult and lengthy paper writing. That is why before you start writing your paper – make an outline. An outline may include the cover page, abstracts, and the introduction, the main body with paragraphs, the conclusion and bibliography.

In the title or cover page write the title of the dissertation proposal. Then write your full name, the institution where you study, department, the name of your advisor and the data of submitting. An abstract is not compulsory. Though writing it, you will make your dissertation project more mature. Here you should give summary of your dissertation proposal. Try not to make it long, use no more then 200 words in your abstract. You may also present a brief introduction to the writing in the abstract when you write some kea statements. In the table of contents, you should write the list of dissertation proposal headings and sub-headings. Point out the pages where the reader may find this or that paragraph.

In the introduction, present the topic of your dissertation proposal. Remember you should write it in that way so it will draw readers’ attention. You may also review what is known about your research topic and cite some relevant sources. There you should also in few sentences state your thesis. Write about your approach and methods. Explain how your methods are relevant to the conceptual framework. Write how your methodology serves the solving your research questions.

In the main body write all the information that is relevant to the paper topic. Write what other writers thought about the subject of your investigation. Present your own research and its findings. Here you may also include calculations, technique that you used. If necessary, describe equipments you used for your research. Write your points of view on the results of your investigation. Support your thoughts with citations from other books or your own vivid examples. Make transition between the paragraphs of the main body. In the conclusion sum up, what you have investigated. Write the possibilities of the further research of the paper topic.

After the conclusion, write the list of references. Remember that all the references cited in the text of your dissertation paper should be listed there. Place the references in alphabetical order by the author’s name. If you used the information from the web sites in your paper, then write the references to the following sites below the books reference.

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