Go Upstairs Through the Dissertation Steps to Your Doctoral Degree

Writing Through Dissertation Step Process

At all times there were young men who thought of their future in relation to science. Often, having graduated from a high school, they decide to begin the postgraduate study. How to find the supervisor of studies? Whether is it difficult to prepare the dissertation and to defend it? What dissertation step should they undertake on a way to getting a degree? We offer you first-hand answers…

Each university has its own peculiarities of training process, paper registration and necessary conditions of getting scientific degree. You should learn about them. When the decision is made and you know what you want, you face six basic dissertation steps on your way to the goal:

1. The first step – search of information. Each noteworthy educational institution has its site where detailed data about its engagement is represented, as well as about scientific groups and their employees, publications, teamwork with other institutes, the contact information, etc.
2. The second – entering postgraduate study. When the information is received and decision to enter postgraduate study is made, it`s a high time to collect the necessary documents. Usually, there is a list of all that is necessary to submit on the site of the college or in the announcement.
3. The third – interview with the representative of high school. Be carefully prepared for the interview. You should give the report on the scientific work. By preparation consider, that a black-and-white presentation with the great number of formulas, tables, confused schemes will not draw attention of people who will study your work for the first time.
4. The fourth dissertation step – postgraduate training. Working conditions with the supervisor and cooperation with the other scientists depends on the supervisor. In some cases it will be necessary for you to attend lectures, and sometimes to practice students.
5. The fifth – dissertation writing. The work with documents. It is better to learn in advance the requirements to be admitted to protection. This information can be found out on the site of the institution or in the dean’s office of your faculty. While you are writing your dissertation the other post-graduate students will defend their dissertations. Consult them, remember the features of organizational process. It will be necessary for you to print out the dissertation in several copies.
6. The sixth – dissertation defense. You report on the work done, and everyone present in the room can ask questions concerning the topic. After all there will be the closed meeting of the commission where its members estimate your work and make a decision. And finally, after the announcement of results you can have congratulations!

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