Unlike the Other Disciplines Geography Dissertation Requires Special Knowledge

Peculiarities of Geography Dissertations Writing

Several years of your intensive studies are over and you are going to sum up your achievements in geography. If you have not been assigned a topic of geography dissertation you are free to choose the one meeting your interests. From the first sight, it is a fascinating subject associated with different continents and countries, travelling and tourism. But, on the other hand, dissertation on geography is one of the hardest nuts to crack. It would be a brilliant idea, if by the time you reach the dissertation level, you have already completed and published conference papers or journal articles. This can make your work stronger and more effective. On the contrary, you submit a dissertation on the topic chosen out of those proposed by tutor.

How to choose a fairly specific, significant and relevant geography dissertation topic? What are the main requirements to the structure of dissertation? What volume should each part of dissertation be? In what a way is it better to state the text of the dissertation? What are the requirements to the list of sources and materials used? We are here to provide you assistance!

The posted online dissertation samples on geography assume the standard scientific dissertation format based on five chapters:

1) Introduction explains the importance of the topic and articulates your hypotheses regarding the research outcomes.
2) Background reviews existing literature on the topic.
3) Methodology explains the procedure of the study.
4) Results outline the findings of the study.
5) Discussion suggests the implications of the results.

The results chapter of geography dissertations presents analysis of the data gathered during your research. These results often include many tables, graphs and charts representing that data. These visual devices or descriptive statistic will be a great support for you. The special kind of the illustrative material is used on a geodesy, geography, geology. Using this material, consider some its aspects:

• as well as any illustrative material, representation of maps should be co-ordinated with the corresponding text;
• you shouldn`t represent the whole map of any region, but only that its fragment which has the direct relation to a discussed subject;
• on the map it is necessary to write the names of geographical places in strict conformity with their transcription recommended by official state body on a geodesy and cartography;
• do not forget to label each visual device with an Arabic numeral and include the title for the visual device.

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