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Martin Cardoso

Some Tips How to Write Dissertation the Best Possible Way

Dissertation • July 26, 2009

Know How to Write Dissertation With a Guaranteed Result

Beginning researchers starting their dissertation have dozens of questions related to the methods, formatting and defense procedure of dissertation. However, it is not that simple to get answers for these questions as there are few guidelines who can give up-to-date information on the issue. That’s why many starting researchers are reluctant to proceed with their post graduate education and dissertation writing. We offer some tips how to write dissertation with the best results.

Postgraduate students seeking for their Master’s degree have a great number of concerns from the choice of the topic for a dissertation to dissertation defense support. It is important to know not only the subject matter under research but be able to cope with pressures of defense procedure, know how to prepare organizational materials, etc.

Dissertation (comes from lat. dissertatio – research, contemplation) is research work of qualifying character which is publicly defended and aimed at getting degree. It is special scientific and literary genre. The contents of dissertation should be of scientific character grounded on facts, trustworthy materials, results of scientific research. By scientific character one also means introduction of unique concept by an author which finds its reflection in theoretical deductions and results of pilot research.

If you know how to write dissertation, you are sure to know that when presenting theoretical part of the dissertation, one should avoid numerous examples of various facts. What is required is to present research ideas with profound understanding of described theories and show what conclusions are made as a result of information processing. Dissertation writer is expected to demonstrate not only clarity of the content but give individual interpretation of scientific material.

The work over dissertation structure and presenting materials in accordance with a plan is also an important landmark in delivering A level dissertation. The structure of this scholarly work is aimed at demonstrating how research objectives are achieved. There are three parts of dissertation project – introduction, the body of research and conclusion – each of which has its objectives, structure and content.

In the Introduction one discusses the topicality of the chosen theme and expedience of its development which is expressed in solving scientific problem or task. Here one outlines the research objective, defines the task, a brief characteristic and evaluation of research findings is discussed (novelty, theoretical and practical importance), degree of approbation and results application.

The body of dissertation incorporates the process of conducted research on the problem, discussion of results and approaches of getting them. It is a descriptive part of dissertation where all necessary explanations and examples are presented. All the findings and possible research prospects are found in conclusion part. Conclusion also contains offers and recommendations and gaps to be patched in further research works.
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Martin Cardoso

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