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Make a Good Start Writing a High Quality Masters Thesis Proposal

Dissertation • April 21, 2010

Learn More about Masters Thesis Proposals

Writing a proposal is a vital part of any successful completion of the Masters thesis. On a stage of proposal, you do not need to demonstrate the result of your research work. Here you should prove the credibility of your work and explain how it can make a contribution to the literature or public interests. As a rule any proposal follows the structure of what your thesis will be. Usually the structure of your proposal must be the following: some general objectives and questions to be answered, the work’s background and significance, some specific research questions and methods, then the analysis strategy and finally any limitations and implications. There is a list of the main parts your Masters thesis proposal should include. They are listed below. Mind them while working on your proposal and it will be surely successful.

1) The first component of your future proposal should be the general objectives of it. This section will consist of one or two paragraphs in the introduction. It describes your research problem in a few words, the research you are going to accomplish, and what you want to prove.

2) The next part of your Masters thesis proposal is the description of your thesis significance and the background of it. Here you will have to tell about your problem area, what is already known about it, and what key uncertain issues you are going to solve. Remember, this part is not a full literature review of your thesis. But still, you need to quote enough sources to prove you’ve read enough material in the studied field to know what its main issues are.

3) Now you have to tell about your research questions and hypotheses. Here you need to define distinctively what points you will be investigating and what you want to find. And the hypotheses are the declarative statements about some particular variables. Try to remember that at the end of these sections, your readers must be able to understand a theoretical framework of your study.

4) The next section of all good Masters thesis proposals is the methods of your study. Here you need to describe the information you will make use of to check your hypotheses, all the sources of your data, any variables you are going to extract from it, and the clear description of the variables.

5) Finally, the last part of your proposal is analysis strategy. Try to explain what you will do with the information when you have it. That means you should propose some statistics that will match your variables and the type of inferences you are going to make about them.

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Gregory Cox

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