Research Methodology Format And Its Objectives

What Is Research Methodology Format?

Methodology as a part of dissertation defines its whole success and relevancy of research findings. Research methodology format is one of indispensable constituents of a decent research project.
Research methodology is a rather difficult task which is far more complicated than primary research. A methodology chapter defines methodological tools to be used in the paper and estimates appropriate approaches taken to achieve the objective of a research paper. When methods are chosen correctly you can account for success of your research project.

In the methodology part one presents methods of information collection responding to the needs of a research project. If you are sure that chosen methods suit your research perfectly, you should prove it with supporting information or show that other research tools are inappropriate for particular reasons. It is also worth to mention the drawback of the selected methods and how they can effect the results of research findings. You should demonstrate your awareness of possible discrepancies in order to show your perfect preparedness for the research. Research methodology format with properly chosen research methods is believed to have the most credible results.

When writing methodology one has to describe the chosen method of data collection and analysis, quantitative and qualitative, and prove that this method meets the requirements of the research the best possible way. While some research papers are better to have the questionnaire-type methodology, others require statistical research. You as a researcher should define what is the best option.

It is also required to mention samples and target population in the research methodology format. The sample defines how many participants will be involved into research analysis, and target population will describe what particular characteristics they have. The task of the researcher is to make sure that the sample is just of the proper size ensuring unbiased analysis. One should not avoid the issue of the limitations of the chosen methods and possible inaccuracies of the research. This shows that a researcher is aware of the gaps and tries to avoid these from the start.

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