Social Work Dissertation Is a Serious Project Requiring Much Concentration

Writing Social Work Dissertations Is the First Serious Step in Social Work

You prefer to deal with social work dissertations as it seemed much easier to you and now you don’t have any idea what you should write about! As a matter of fact, many people understand that social work is a serious discipline but not a child’s play. The same may be told about dissertations on social work.

You don’t need to spend sleepless nights working out your social work research. Our article will help you to understand the main items without any problems! The first thing to do is to define the term «social work». Social work is an applied science related to the large spectrum of knowledge about individuals and society. Social work can be viewed as a personal assistance service for people and effective solution of social problems which may have a particular client, family and society as a whole.

And now you have to follow the giving instructions:

To begin with, you have to decide what social work topic you are going to investigate in your social work dissertation
Then it’s important to think over the thesis of your project. It should be:
– notional and present-day,
-interesting enough.

Your research paper should have good resource information.

One of the most important things is to choose the type of social work:

-individual and family social work
– social group work.
-voluntary work
-social administration work

If you make elaborate study of theoretical models of social work, you’ll get a good material for your social work dissertation. Just take your time and learn in detail about the given models:

-a psycho-oriented model,
-a sociology-oriented model,
– a complex-oriented model.
You may take into consideration four different types of social problems.
-property problem,
-power problem,
-the problem of exchange,
-the problem of values.

Every of its problems may make you to understand the background knowledge of your topic. One of the best ways to write a brilliant project is to find a great topic which will make you learn more about a particular problem. You may highlight the historical aspect of the problem; write your own thoughts how to solve the chosen problem. So, here are the topics which can give you additional ideas in your paper.

Social Work in Israel: the essence, the main directions of development and formation.
Afghanistan still needs social help at present time.
Domestic Violence.
Violence against women.
Violence against children.
Interpersonal violence.
Substance abuse.
Mental disability and physical illness.
Health of immigrant.
Child Protection Practice.
Children with Learning Disabilities.
Homeless children is the issue of the day.
Children in the labor force.
Inequality and social justice.
Social Care Policy.
Racism is a widespread phenomenon.
Right to food.
Right to health.
HIV-positive people.
Problems of youth: drug dependence, alcoholism, teenage abortion etc.

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