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No one will object that it is the most fascinating and interesting thing to travel. It never becomes boring and uninspiring to familiarize yourself with other countries and their cultures. That is why, tourism becomes so eminent. Many countries are available to visit and the prize for trip tickets is moderate enough. In some way, traveling turns into a habit and tourism becomes more popular. It is not surprising why the students select this sphere for investigation to achieve a doctoral degree. More often, they choose the area from a list that is connected with traveling. The students decide to write a tourism dissertation with a great pleasure in order to get moral satisfaction and enthusiasm. This sphere requires further research, so the students have a chance to do it in their dissertation of such kind. The tourism dissertation has the basics of qualified research, comprising demographic data about tourists, temporary number of tourists in the country, economic information about tourists’ spending money. Tourist dissertations are based on facts, but not on viewpoints or observations.

There are a lot of topics that the students can select and cover a proper material in the paper. More often, young people choose such brunches as student and youth tourism. A dissertation is divided into two parts: a comparative dissertation that compares a chain of topics and a motivation dissertation that includes motivational subject matter. It is advisable to start a dissertation by mentioning a statement about youth and student tourism. This is quite unfamiliar market to all. The main task of tourism dissertations is to research streaming tendencies and customs of various countries within the area. There exist principle issues that can be added to a tourism dissertation:

• To give definition to such word as tourism
• To mention peculiar policies
• To develop the market
• To give backgrounds of a country

The students are supposed to present some information about the prominent features or brunches of a student and youth tourism dissertation. It is considerably important to have some additional material. It can be different pictures or statistics of any kind. It helps the work to be substantial, well-grounded and worth approving. It leads to a high assessment on the management of the work, structure, originality and methodology. If a paper is successfully completed, the students may get such possibility as:

1. Present strong awareness of the field that is investigated, its structure and constitutive characteristics.
2. Show a good understanding of economic, political and technical impact on tourism business.
3. Realize the main role performed by a tourist customer.
4. Approve the abilities to connect practice and theory of administration within the industry.

There is some variety of fields that the students can select for writing:
1. ecotourism
2. dark tourism
3. hospitality
4. tourism management
5. medical tourism
6. educational tourism

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