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100 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics 2024

Education News • March 8, 2021

Persuasive Speech Topics — A Common Requirement by Tutors

Most of the time, tutors assign persuasive speech topics to their students. However, some may require students to write their own.

Persuasive speech topics

100 Examples of Attention-Grabbing Persuasive Speech Topics on Technology in 2024

Here are some persuasive speech topics on the technology topic you can focus on and pass your message powerfully.

  • Technology has improved functionality at the workplace
  • Technology boosts employee efficiency through automation
  • Technology has affected privacy in a negative way
  • Internet chat rooms are insecure
  • Young adults are obsessed with technology
  • Companies must sensitize their employees about Internet fraud
  • Google is the end of physical libraries
  • Social media is endangering face-to-face conversations
  • The government should never interfere with its citizen’s Internet usage
  • Artificial intelligence defines technology’s future

Fascinating Persuasive Speech Topics in 2024 for an Arts Major

If you are taking an art major, finding eye-catching, persuasive speech topics can be a daunting task.

Here are some topics you could focus on.

  • Ancient art forms are dying a slow death
  • All public schools should incorporate arts and design programs
  • Should music be incorporated as a learning tool in classrooms?
  • College bursaries should be limited to the poor
  • Art should be a compulsory program in juvenile detention centers
  • Is graffiti an acceptable form of art?
  • Modern art lacks accuracy
  • Annual art festivals should be mandatory in schools
  • Art is a unifying tool in many settings
  • Governments should do more in preserving museums

Exceptional Persuasive Speech Topics for 2024 for the High School Level

Students at the high school level may be tasked with creating persuasive speech topics.

Here are some interesting ones for students at this level.

  • Corporal punishment should be eliminated in high school
  • Bullying is a common occurrence in high schools
  • Smoking and alcoholism have become prevalent among teenagers
  • Leadership training should be incorporated into the high school curriculum
  • Privacy is more important than national security
  • The older generations have a lot to learn from the youth
  • Cellphones should be illegal in learning institutions
  • Natural disasters should not be insured
  • Partying in school should be restricted
  • Many high school students have a drug addiction problem

Outstanding Education Major Persuasive Speech Topics in 2024

Students majoring in education can consider these persuasive speech topic ideas:

  • Exploring the nature of technology can be advantageous for IT students
  • Student engagement in sports has a significant effect on their academic performance
  • Standardized evaluation is not an effective measure of student development
  • Tutors should be examined regularly to renew their certificates
  • Schools should respect their students’ privacy
  • Books are not the sole source of learning
  • Online classes are better than physical classes
  • Sports have no impact on learning effectiveness
  • Psychological screening should be a mandatory step of admission in learning institutions
  • Homework has no significant impact on academic performance

Captivating Persuasive Speech Topics on Latest Entertainment

If you are looking to focus on entertainment matters, here are a few ideas to get:

  1. Most reality shows are scripted
  2. The media has adverse effects on teenagers
  3. TV shows can be a source of motivation for many things
  4. The media has a significant impact on politics
  5. TV shows dictate some human behavior
  6. No one can ever be ready for children
  7. Does crime really pay?
  8. Soap operas can create romantic men
  9. Marvel comics are better than DC comics
  10. Many superstars have undergone cosmetic surgery

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2024 on Fashion

Choosing any of the topics below can be a certain way of persuading people about your opinion of a fashion-related concept.

  • The pink color should be worn by women only
  • The best fashion brands are the ones endorsed by celebrities
  • The jewelry worn by rappers reflects their worth
  • Is fashion an important part of society?
  • Are you what you wear?
  • Confidence stems from a person’s dressing style
  • Are teenagers the most affected by fashion?
  • The fashion industry is quite wasteful
  • Killing animals for fur is an unethical fashion practice
  • All celebrities wear luxury fashion items on runways

Persuasive Speech Topics Focusing on the Economy in 2024

These economic-related topics can get you started on your persuasive speech about the economy:

  • Excessive importation only hurts the economy
  • The global economy has been adversely affected by Covid-19
  • The IMF should fund undeveloped countries more during the pandemic
  • Not all products from China are counterfeit
  • The Chinese economic model is one to emulate
  • Brexit was an unwise move by Britain
  • Economic development is the true measure of citizens’ welfare
  • Corruption is the leading cause of slow economic growth in many countries
  • Natural monopolies can still exist in 2024

Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics for 2024 on Family

These topics can be a great beginning to creating a great piece:

  • Should canning be encouraged among parents?
  • Family planning is the best decision that any new parent could make
  • Should parents monitor their children’s screen time?
  • Parental pressure is dangerous for academic performance
  • Children below 16 should not watch adult-rated movies
  • Parents should know all their children’s peers and friends
  • Are videogames dangerous for children?
  • Every woman must plan for their pregnancy
  • Single parenthood is becoming a prevalent trend
  • Fairy tales should not be told to children

Financial Persuasive Speech Topics for 2024

Here are 10 examples of captivating persuasive speech topics on the subject.

  • Personal finance management should be taught in schools
  • Covid-19 has decreased people’s financial ability
  • The level of savings has declined during the pandemic
  • National debt affects every citizen
  • Taking a mortgage is better than saving for a house
  • The dollar is slowly weakening against major currencies
  • Taxation is the best strategy for gathering government revenue
  • Most successful bank robberies are an inside job
  • Some people’s finances got aligned during the pandemic
  • A person’s financial power lies in their saving ability

10 Fun and Captivating Persuasive Speech Topics for 2024

You may use these topics on your way to creating a fun persuasive speech piece.

  • Music therapy has some healing power
  • Should couples cohabit before getting married?
  • Is premarital counseling helpful in minimizing divorce rates?
  • A spongy cake tastes better than a dry one
  • Ghosts are real
  • Marriage proposals should be done in private
  • All ladies love diamonds
  • Can a marriage survive when finances are not right?
  • Parents should have the “sex talk” with their children early enough
  • Communication breakdown is the leading cause of failed marriages

Final Word

Creating persuasive speech topics is not always a straightforward task. However, you can contact us for assistance.

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