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Interesting Samples for Essay Introduction

Essay Writing • March 5, 2021

Must My Essay’s Introduction be Interesting?

Have you ever skimmed through a boring essay? It must have had an uninteresting introduction that did not motivate you to read through. Such is what a professor or college tutor may endure when grading countless student essays.

You must make your essay memorable by creating an eye-capturing introduction. You must, especially think about the first line of your essay. For example, you could use a well-known phrase when writing it to grab attention.

It is okay if this section takes the most of your time when drafting an essay. However, by reading through the interesting samples in this article, you could take less time and boost your creativity.

Different Remarkable Samples for Essay Introduction

The introduction is always the best starting point when writing an essay. It depicts the writer’s understanding of the topic. Whatever kind of essay you are writing, you could rely on the following samples for insight.

A Sample that Uses an Astonishing Fact

You can grab your tutor’s attention using an astounding statement or fact as in this sample:

“Recent research indicates that on average, people who own cats live longer than those who do not. Thus, it is evident that owning a cat can have a myriad of mental and physical health benefits for the owner. They include companionship, a sense of purpose in life, and a social network of other cat owners.”

Posing a Question in the Introduction – Sample

You can also engage your audience by posing a rhetorical question. This essay introduction sample depicts how you must choose the question that supports your thesis cautiously:

“Global warming has become a grave concern as environmentalists warn about its effects. From increasing temperatures and swelling ocean levels, this phenomenon is changing life for everyone. How different do you think your life will be in the near future”?

A Sample that Begins With an Anecdote

A brief anecdote is an impressive way of starting the introduction of your personal essay. Consider this sample:

“When I arrived home from my trip that day, my wife greeted me with a plate of chicken soup and a worried expression. I had missed the contract I had gone to pursue. That is when I ventured into a new business of offering swimming lessons. Before long, I was earning some income.”

An Example of an Introduction that Sets the Stage

An interesting introduction of an essay also provides readers with some noteworthy background information. Check out this example:

“With the company’s sales up by 35 percent, it is safe to say that its brand has been embraced. This information is reliable for making projections for the future years.”

An Interesting and Clear Sample Introduction for an Essay

If your essay is centered on facts, you can use the introduction to provide a preview of what is inside. For example:

“The quality of air in major Chinese cities has slightly improved. However, there are still several pollutants of concern. Carbon emissions have been the leading contributor to air pollution in these cities.”

A Sample That Begins with a Shocking Proposition

People are generally intrigued by drama. Therefore, including a shocking statement in the introduction of your essay may arouse their curiosity:

“When Tony went out to the hypermarket last night, he did not expect to be caught in the middle of a rape assault. However, that was his exact predicament.”

Interesting Introductions May Include Statistics

You could also tease your readers with a good statistic in the introduction of your essay. They are likely to read on and know more.

“70 percent of people prefer taking a soft drink with a snack. However, according to new research, 30 percent prefer milk with their bedtime snack.”

Noteworthy Tips for Writing an Eye-Capturing Introduction of an Essay

Besides the insights revealed by the various samples for captivating essay introductions, these tips may also come in handy. Remember them whenever you want the introduction of your essay to command attention.

  • You may include some humor in the introduction of a less formal essay
  • Consider using literary techniques like alliteration
  • Provide some context of your essay in the introduction
  • Avoid providing a detailed analysis of your argument in the introduction

Spending considerable time writing the introduction of an essay is acceptable. This is because it is the section that gives out the first impression of your ideas. You may find the samples included in this article useful the next time you are drafting an essay’s introduction. Alternatively, you can save yourself the hassle and talk to us for assistance.

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