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2024 USC Essay Prompts: Here’s What to Expect

Essay • January 28, 2021

USC Essay Prompts for 2024

The University of Southern California (USC) is quite a popular choice for students to receive their higher education. Still, only a handful of people become students at USC when the majority of applicants (84% of all candidates) get rejected.

If you’ve got your eye on USC, then we recommend that you put extra effort into perfecting your application. Outside of having great grades and scoring high to test examinations, you also have to nail your essay prompt.

In this article, we’ll look at the structure of admission essays you’ll have to write if you’re set on USC. Also, we’ll discuss different prompts to improve your understanding of what you should write.

Why Create an Essay for USC?

It’s not just about USC, it’s about all universities. The prompts you’re given are your chance at showing off what a unique personality you are.

Often, universities get thousands of applications from students with the same high grades and test scores. It’s hard to decide who should attend university and whom to reject simply based on bare application info.

This is where essays come in. Instead of just seeing you as grades and test scores, the USC admission officer will get a glimpse at your personality.

If they deem that the way your essay responds to the prompt is suitable for the university, count yourself enrolled.

Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on you to take a prompt and write an essay. Not only that, but it should be written so that it would impress the USC admission officer.

So, being creative and unique in approaching your writing task is essential for success.

USC Essay Prompts Structure

In 2024, you can expect the following structure for application essay prompts:

  • 250-word essay where you choose one of three prompts
  • 250-word essay with one defined prompt
  • 3 separate sentences to describe your personality
  • 100-word answer to one of many questions.

For the execution of any of these essay prompts, you must stay within the word limit. You don’t have to complete the task with formal writing.

However, don’t get too informal.

One of 3 USC Essay Prompts

The 3 prompts are quite extensive and may seem complex, but they’re really not. They become quite easy when you understand what exactly they’re asking.

The 3 USC essay prompts can easily be respectively paraphrased into the following:

  • What would you like to improve in yourself?
  • What are your academic interests supporting your choice of major?
  • Tell something about yourself that’s uniquely you.

The first USC essay prompt is all about talking about areas where you potentially have failed and want to improve. Considering that you’re a recent high schooler, there should be more than enough personal experiences for you to go off of.

The second one requires you to talk about what exactly you’re interested in. Yes, you have your major, but you have to be more precise. For example, if your major is English Literature, then you can talk about specific writers you want to study.

The third USC essay prompt is more free-form and free-topic than anything else. You can pick any aspect about yourself you’d like to present and talk about it. It’s that simple. If you have something truly unique that you do, definitely pick this prompt.

The USC Prompt for the Second Writing Task

This USC essay prompt you have to write, and you can’t pick a substitute for it.

The prompt basically boils down to the following question: “How will you go about studying at USC?”

It’s quite a tricky question that you must not fall victim to.

It requires you to write about how you as a student will be diligent in studying. Also, you must showcase how well you’ll use all the facilities that USC provides you with. To properly answer this USC essay prompt, you’ll have to first research the university itself.

Only after you have enough knowledge about everything that USC offers can you write a proper essay.

The 2 Remaining Tasks

The remaining questions are not essay prompts at all. First, you need to describe yourself with 3 sentences in 25< words. So, think about your best qualities that you’d like to mention.

Lastly, you’ll need to answer a single question in under 100. Approach this task creatively and don’t limit yourself in expression. Remember, this isn’t an essay, so you have a lot of creative freedom.

Don’t Stress Over It!

If you feel like all these USC essay prompts are too much for you, don’t worry.

Our academic writers can easily help you with this task. They’re professionals who excel at creating applications and writing based on essay prompts.

Fill out the order form now and stop stressing out!

Valeria Gorner

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