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500-Word Essay — A Step-by-Step Writing Guide

EssayEssay Writing • February 5, 2021

The 500 Word Essay — A Write-Up with a Limitation on the Word Count

Essays are one way of testing students’ writing capabilities. Some come with a restriction on the number of pages. A 500-word essay, however, comes with a limitation of the number of words.

Why 500 words?

This word count is set to allow the development of a certain perspective without the need for unnecessary details.

Furthermore, most colleges and universities require applicants to complete admission essays. Most of these application essays are limited in terms of word count.

A 500-word essay is common in this field.

Thus, it may be the most difficult write-up for some and the easiest for others. However, if you find a 500-word essay to be too challenging to complete, you can rely on the insights in this informative guide.

Even if you have enough inspiration and experience writing it, this guide could help you polish your skills further.

What Structure Does a 500-Word Essay Follow?

For many inexperienced writers and students, the structure of such a short essay is top on their questions list.

The structure of this essay is simple, owing to the limited number of words. It mainly comprises of three sections:

  • The introduction

  • The body

  • And the conclusion

The Introduction

The introduction section is what makes a reader want to read through the body and conclusion. It articulates the essay’s focus. Besides, it includes the thesis statement.

For example, the thesis statement of an argumentative 500-word essay will highlight the side or point that the writer agrees with. A 500-word essay that is a story may not require a thesis statement.

When writing your introduction, do not forget to briefly mention what your essay focuses on.

The Body

The body is the section in which you include the points that support or oppose your thesis statement. The body of a 500-word essay can be between 3 and 5 paragraphs long. For clarity, you should aim to discuss each point in its own paragraph.

The Conclusion

The purpose of the conclusion is to remind the reader about the thesis statement. It also provides a convincing recap of the information provided in the essay’s body. When writing this section, remember not to introduce any new points or information.

If your thesis statement was in the form of a question, the conclusion of your 500-word essay should answer the question. Ensure that your conclusion provides the readers with some form of closure.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your 500-Word Essay

Having understood the components of a 500-word essay, you are on the right track towards creating an eye-capturing one.

This guide highlights the step you should take to create a memorable 500-word essay.

Step 1: Think about Your Thesis Statement

Deciding on the thesis statement of your 500-word essay is a straightforward task. All you need is to think about the main focus of your write-up.

It summarizes your main point or argument of your 500-word essay. Ensure that it is creative in order to arouse your readers’ attention.

For example, if your topic is “Should technology be incorporated in classrooms?” your thesis statement should depict your argument.

It can be: “Technology should be incorporated in classrooms, as long as it is controlled and monitored.”

Step 2: Write the Introduction Section

This section of your work should begin with a general description of the topic. It then narrows down to explain your thesis statement.

Ensure that it is interesting to entice the readers into reading the other sections of your paper.

Step 3: Create the Body of Your Paper

As much as the body of your 500-word essay supports your thesis statement, do not neglect the opposing points. This will show the readers that you acknowledge other viewpoints and also help you argue for yours.

Step 4: Finish with a Conclusion

The conclusion offers you the opportunity to convince your professor about your thesis statement. Ensure that you touch on the most important points of your work in this section.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Writing a 500-Word Essay

Most importantly, always remember the following when creating your essay to ensure that it is outstanding:

  • Create an outline first

  • Finish your essay draft once you begin

  • Understand the topic or prompt before starting

  • Give yourself adequate time

  • Proofread it before submission

Final Word

Writing a 500-word essay can be challenging, especially you need to put lots of information into this word count. But you can always rely on our help!

Reach out to our experts!

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