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Martin Cardoso

Writing Analytical Essay is a Great Luck for Students

Essay • December 12, 2009

Find Good Topic for Your Analytical Essay

Some students when get a task to write analytical essay do not really understand what they have to do because they do not know how to write an analytical essay. First of all, you have to decide what you want to write about. Anything can become an object of your investigation and analysis. It can be some situation or event, literature or art masterpiece. It can also be any science. Examine what topic you can handle and about what it will be interesting for you to write. Think also what topic can inspire you and what problem you want to discover. Your topic should be of current importance. Think what contribution your research paper can make to the field of science. Take into consideration that readers should also be interested in your theme.

If you know the topic of your essay, start finding information. Go to the library or surf the internet. If you have selected all necessary information for your topic then make an outline. It usually includes the cover page, the introduction, the main body with few paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, the conclusion and the bibliography.

Give a brief explanation of your topic in the essay introduction. Here you should give thesis statement and explain how you will support and develop your main statements and ideas in the main body of your essay. In the main body give all the information that is relevant to the topic. Remember that you should give here all arguments and facts. Actually, the main body is usually divided into three parts: the first part is an opening sentence. Here you should tell briefly, what your essay writing is about. The second part is the main part. Here you give statements and arguments. You may support you statements with citations or your own examples. Finally, you should write the last part of the main body that is the concluding sentence. That last sentence should end the discussion. Do not forget about transition between paragraphs.

As it is an analytical essay, give good analysis and summary in the conclusion. The conclusion should finish your investigation. Here you may also point out the possibilities of future investigation of your theme. Do not copy sentences from the introduction or main body. It will be a rough mistake to use citations and new ideas in your conclusion. After you are done with your analytical essay check it. Make sure all sentences are well formed and grammatically correct. Ask your instructor to make a critical reading and check if you have covered the material of your essay in-depth.

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