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Martin Cardoso

Some Tips of How to Make a Cause and Effect Essay

Essay • February 19, 2009

Cause and Effect Essay is Explanation of Every Problem

You have a task of writing cause and effect essay. Before starting you must remember is that this essay type has some peculiar features which distinguish this essay any other – argumentative essays or analytical essays, comparative or analysis essays. One of the differences is its nature which is expressed in researching causes and effects of a certain behavior, action, event or situation. The investigator has to research the reasons, consequences and establish clear relations between them.

Writing cause and effect essay is very interesting task, particularly for those who like to investigate, get to the heart of the matter and achieve a pinnacle of success. If you have no idea how to write this essay, you have two ways of solving this problem: either you can buy essay or order custom essay online forgetting about this problem completely or have a look at some essay tips below that may help you to write the work.
You start with:
• making a choice of cause and effect essay topics. Check whether this topic is arouses much discussion and interest among general public. It will be more interesting to explore it. Among topics you may find interesting:

o The effects of noise pollution
o The causes and effects of fast food restaurants
o The causes of generation gap
o What are AIDS causes?
o The causes and effects of vegetarian diet.
You continue with:
• detailed learning of the object to be investigated during writing process. You need to describe the most important events or succession of events which led to certain phenomenon and determine its causes and effects.

• When having a list of causes and effects, you proceed to in-depth research with the help of which you will find hidden causes and effects, and after that you will have the clear picture of the problem. Paying more attention to the most important and sufficient causes and effects, you reduce your scope of investigation and outline the main points of the paper. Less significant causes can be mentioned, but the most important should come first. Mind, your essay may have several causes that lead to only one effect or vice verse one cause may have several effects.

• It is also necessary to pick up one writing style which can be followed through the paper. One should decide whether he/she wants to inform or persuade the reader of causes and effects of certain phenomenon of event.

• You need to support your essay with examples, opinions and facts; it will help you to make your work more organized and strong. You may use the following connectors: for example, for instance, the cause is, because of, due to, so, thus, consequently, etc.

• To make your cause and effect essay well-structured arrange your thoughts, points of view, ideas logically and clearly; it will help the readers to comprehend your information better. Remember, all causes and effects must be organized chronologically: the most important should be examined first, and then less significant aspects; but both more important and less important causes and effects must be reviewed with a detailed explanation.

Finish with appropriate conclusion where you can warn of negative effects or call for action to avoid this. Anyway cause and effect essay is a great training task to develop logical thinking and skills of thorough investigation.

Martin Cardoso

Written by Martin Cardoso

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