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Gregory Cox

Make a Correct Choice of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Essay • August 17, 2009

The Choice of Cause and Effect Essay Topics will Define Your Paper Quality

When starting to write cause and effect essay, you should recall what this essay format implies and what characteristics it has. First of all it is an essay which explores causes and effects of some situation, event, behavior or action. One needs to be an avid explorer to get to real reasons and consequences of some event and establishing relations between them. The cause and effect essay topics is an important landmark in producing high quality essay.

When starting cause and effect essay:
• choose a catchy cause and effect essay topic. The topic should be discussable and contain enough information to persuade the reader in one’s position. Here are some topics to consider:
Vegetarian diet. Its effects on health
What causes noise pollution and its effect on health of people?
Eating in fast food and its effects
The effects of abortions
The generation gap causes.
• make an outline to help you in producing well-structured and clear essay.
• delve into research of different sources and their in-depth analysis. In cause and effect essay, you should track carefully what reasons or causes lie behind some event or phenomenon and what effect it produces now or will have in the future. It is not only noting evident things but finding more concealed information which can be revealed after thorough investigation. It is better to make a list of all ideas as to causes and effects and then proceed with finding supporting or refuting information.
• when you have a clear picture of some problem, you can make a conclusion. You concentrate on the most important causes and/or effects and highlight the most significant things.

When dealing with cause and effect essay topics, you should remember that there may be several causes leading to only one effect or one cause may produce several effects. You should define the most important and sufficient causes and effects to prove your position.

The choice of writing style is also important for making high quality paper. You should be clear in your intention: whether you are going to inform or persuade the reader. It is required to find proper illustrations to your suggestions. It can be life experiences, opinions and facts, statistical information.

The structure of cause and effect essay should be clear and lucid. Thus make sure that you make adequate transition from one paragraph to another. This implies using language means like linking words – for example, because of, so, thus, consequently, etc. One should remember that logically arranged information helps in better comprehension of information and guarantees high rating for your efforts.

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