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Valeria Gorner

The Choice of Classification Essay Topics is Unrestricted

Essay • April 14, 2009

Choosing Classification Essay Topics

Despite the fact that there is hundreds of interesting classification essay topics, it is still difficult to pick something which will match your interests and professor’s requirements. Сlassification essay describes related phenomena, events or things sorted out in appropriate categories.

When writing classification essay one faces a number of challenges and the choice of an interesting classification essay topic is one of it. Actually you can take any aspect of everyday life and classify it based on certain characteristic. For example, walking your dog, you can see other breeds of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can classify dogs according to the type of fur or its color. Well, you think it is easy. However, how do you manage to make a classification essay thrilling and catchy?

One idea which immediately comes to your mind is just finding some extraordinary feature and classify things based on it. However, if your professor is extremely serious type, you cannot allow much freedom in your academic assignment. So, the only way out is finding vivid, or “speaking” examples to match identified categories. Good examples in an essay are the lucky ticket to A level paper.

When getting ready your writing assignment, you can find it beneficial to consult classification essay sample which you can find online. The only thing to remember is that essay samples cannot be used even in part. However, still you can be grateful for sample as it will help you to get some tips about the paper format, it organization as well as some writing tips. Still here you can encounter pitfalls which should be avoided if you want to submit a distinctive and really interesting classification essay.

Here are some prompts of how to avoid negative influence of classification essay examples


  • First start with brainstorming your own ideas to research and only then you can find additional information in a sample. Do not focus on a writing style of another author – work out your own individual style;
  • Be careful with possible gaps, errors and overt grammar mistakes in your essay example. Do not copy somebody’s failures;
  • Treat classification essay example as an example only. You can follow its format or learn the possible informational sources but no more.

Returning to classification essay topics it is worth to mention that among all their variety a wise student will choose one which he is knowledgeable about and interested in. If the topic is out of your interest, you are sure to fail with writing it. However, if you have a specific task set by your instructor and you have no choice at all but the topic is completely uninteresting for you. What can you do in this case? There’s a way out.

Try custom essay writing services of They will help you with interesting classification essay topics as well as can offer an essay or research paper written from a scratch. You can also order academic assignment of any level from term paper to dissertation. It is up to you to decide if you want your writing to be distinctive and catchy or not.

Valeria Gorner

Written by Valeria Gorner

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