Nothing Feels Better Than Winning an Essay Contest

Writing Essay Contests Challenges Students and Stimulates for Better Results

essay contest

Nowadays essay contests are very popular and every student can easily take part in such competitions. Sometimes there is nothing better in the world for student than to become a winner of the writing contest. It helps to gain the recognition, gives an opportunity to study at the institution and provides a money prize. But it is not so easy to write a good and interesting essay at a start. Most of the high school students do not have enough knowledge and experience. There is a list of the most common recommendation you need to follow to create a good writing.

  1. First of all, you need to make some search and find the list of the available competitions. This may be either the college essay contests or the competitions organized by the international organizations such as the World Bank or the UN. You should choose one depending on your goals and interests.
  2. When you have chosen the essay contest, read and memorize the rules of the competition. You need to know the word limit, the writing format and the style which is required to write your paper. It is very important because you will be surely disqualified if you do not follow the instructions, and your excellent essay even with brilliant ideas and suggestions will be useless.
  3. Brainstorming is your first prewriting stage. Gather as much information and ideas as possible. The more ideas you have, the easier will be your writing process.
  4. Considering you to be an inexperienced writer, find and read the previous winning essays. Look at its style, format, read the critics and comments if it is possible. It is obvious that the easiest way to understand something is to look at an example. So never miss such an opportunity.
  5. Remember that the essay contest evaluators read hundreds of papers and it usually takes two-three minutes to get acquainted with your writing. Usually, the first two sentences are considered to be the most important and they show whether you win or lose. That is why be original, try to make the judges interested in your essay from the very beginning.
  6. Punctuation, spelling and grammar are vitally important as well. Such mistakes will spoil your work and may represent you as a lazy and disordered person. Such thoughts will surely influence the reader’s opinion and your chances to win. So read your final copy for several times, ask a friend to look at it, or even use the professional editing service to correct your paper.
  7. Always be confident and do not use such phrases as “it seems” or “I think”. If you are interested the researched subject and have some knowledge, you will surely win the competition.

The students are writing the essay contests for different reasons. Some of them are talented and do not have problems with such tasks. But if you have no time for writing or feel uncomfortable to do it for the first time – ask for the help. Our professional writing team can give you an advice or write the essay for you. Please visit and get qualified assistance in essay and research paper writing.

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