Structure Your Thoughts Logically in Essay Outline

Essay Outline will be a Good Framework for your Essay

The main aim of the outline of any academic paper (particularly of the essay outline) is to write down your ideas about the assigned topic on the paper in a well-planned and moderately organized structure.

While writing the outline, do not be afraid to make mistakes or corrections. It usually happens that the students change the structure of their outlines for several times in the process of essay writing until the paper is finally complete. You will have several options in writing the essay outline:

1. Write the cut-dried plan (it helps to save your time).
2. Write more detailed, flowing outline with possible examples, citations etc.

However, you should not stick only to this or that type of the outline. You may combine it. For example, some outline part is easy to express, so you may not waste your time on it. Just jot down the main ideas briefly. And, on the contrary, if you need to describe some complicated process or idea in your essay, so you may be more detailed on this part in your outline. You may divide this part into several steps or levels. Remember that you compose outline not for somebody else but for yourself. First of all, it should help you in your essay writing.

If you do not know how to write essay outline, you may consult your advisor or use the guideline in writing the outline. Find the essay example and follow its structure.

First, at the top of the page write down your essay title. Then write the Roman numerals at the left side of the page (e.g. I, II, III and so on and so forth). These numerals express the succession of your essay parts or the main ideas. Next to each numeral write the main points of your essay. Write the main constituents of the essay:

– The introductory part (sometimes also called thesis statement).
– The main body that is the nuclear of your essay.
– The conclusions or summary.

But these elements are only basic parts. You may subdivide your essay outline into more sections. To each main part you may provide several supporting sub-paragraphs. For example, if you are writing a paper where your task is to persuade the audience, you may write the following outline:

I. Introduction
II. Main body
a) The first argument
b) The second argument
c) The third argument and sub-conclusion
III. Conclusion

Or, if you are assigned to write the paper where you should describe some process, you may follow this example:

I. Introductory part
II. Main Part
A. Step 1.
B. Step 2.
C. Step 3 etc.
III. Summary

As you see, it is not difficult to compose the essay outline. Structuring the paper, you will better understand the process of writing. Besides, with a thorough plan you may logically present your thoughts and ideas.

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