On Winning a War Essay Topic

Crucial Mistakes that Cost the Third Reich the War Essay Topic

In the movie, Fatherland, that starred Ruger Hauer as an Nazi officer in an alternative future wherein Germany won World War II. Military students have long used military mistakes as a subject for /term paper, while students loved to use “what if”? as essay writing subjects, because, people can’t help but think what the future might be if these mistakes wasn’t committted. A few PsychologyTermPaper tried to discuss the motivation of the mistakes while a few SociologyTermPaper tackled the consequences if the alternative history happened.

The “what if Hitler won the war?” might have probably occured if not for three mistakes that he should have learned from the lessons in history. first mistake was the poorly executed Battle of Britain, the objective of which is for the Luftwaffe to gain air superiority for Operation Sealion (the planned amphibious and air invation of Britain) to commence. Miscalculation on the part of the Germans and the Dowding system made Hitler call off the planned invasion on October 13th. If the Battle of Britain, had been carefully planned, then the Luftwaffe will have dominated the skies during the war.

Another mistake that Hitler made, on which he should have learned from Napoleon, was the failure of Operation Barbarossa, the planned Russian invasion. Greed was the primary antagonist of this operation, since, Hitler turned his back on Stalin too soon in the war, making Russia join the Allies. Prior to Barbarossa, Hilter and Stalin had a non-agression pact, if germany honored the pact but secretly set-up an invasion after they had positioned themselves in the russian cities, then they wouldn’t have to encounter Russia’s divine protector that replused all invaders to protect the homeland, the russian winter. Given, russia had an abundant supply of oil and manpower, but Hitler should have seen this as a sign to have Russia stand beside you, not against you. Hitler had always been known to have a distaste for the communist but, this cost him the entire war itself.

Perhaps the greatest mistkae that Nazi germany committed during the war was the lack of support to the Desert Fox in the North African Campaign. Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel saw the importance of gaining Africa, since it is a route for supplies to the Allies all over Europe, and to capture Africa will mean cutting off all supplies to the rest of the forces of the Allied army. And this would mean the end of the allies’ efficiency in battle. If properly given the resources, Montgomery and Patton will not be a match for Rommel. But in the end, Hitler had to divert all war resources to Europe to fend off offensive from the western and eastern parts.

An excerpt in Sun Tsu’s Art of war stipulated that, “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.” Nazi Germany failed to take into account the most crucial maneuvers which could have easily won them the war and did not learn the lessons of history to take advantage of winning a battle.

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