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While Writing Your Paper, Follow the Example of Good Essay

There are many essay examples of good quality. Though, it is possible that you may stumble on the essay example of low quality. Many students wonder how to define an example of good essay. There are some criteria according to which you may evaluate the essay sample.

1. First of all, good essay samples are usually placed only on trusted sites. That is why, before reading the essay sample, make sure that the site where the samples are placed is reliable.

2. If the essay sample is of top quality, so the examples that are provided there should be vivid, relevant and illustrative. In bad essays the examples are usually of low quality; they are not to the point or superficial.

3. If the structure of the sentence is grammatically correct and flows well, you may be sure it is an example of good essay. Pay attention to the length of the sentences. They should not be too long or complicated. If there are more than 35 words in the sentence, it should be separated into two independent sentences.

On the contrary too short sentences are also considered incorrect. Such sentences usually sound choppy and confuse the readers as the readers cannot fluently follow the main idea of the paragraph. Pay attention to the grammar tense that is used in the paper. If there are many sentences that are used in Passive voice, it is also a sign of a bad essay sample. Generally accepted facts use in Present Indefinite. Awkward wording also leads to misunderstanding. That is why try to use clear, standard language in your paper.

While writing your paper, you should pay attention to the usage of nouns (especially to the nouns that are used only in singular or only in plural forms). For example, the word “police” is a plural noun, though it is used without plural ending “s”.

4. There should be transitions between paragraphs. If you want to show time relationship or the flow of some process (as in process essay) you may use such expressions as “first, secondly, now, finally etc.” If you want to provide some example you may write before the sample or citation “for instance, in addition, similarly”. In classification essay you may use such transitional words or word-expressions as “similarly, in the same way, on the contrary, on the other hand etc.”

5. Punctuation is also important for the final essay grade. That is why pay attention to all the comas, dashes or colons that you use in your paper.

6. In an example of good essay there should be always followed the coherency of the text. If you start the paragraph with one topic or main idea and then leap to another point, it is also considered to be a sign of poor writing. If you do not want to get a low grade for your paper, so do not bounce from one idea to another.

Essay samples may be of great use for you while writing your essay. That is why always try to follow only example of good essay. Custom essay writing company can provide you with brilliant, error-free essay samples.

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