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Erin Amedda

Expose The Topic For Writing An Expository Essay

Essay • February 4, 2009

Expository essays need to be the ones that explain the related topic in detail

Before we start writing an essay, we need to understand the meaning of expository. As the title of this essay writing says, if we want to expose and expand the details on any relevant issue, the written essay will be called an expository essay.

The essence of this essay as compared to other essays like history essay or MBA essay is to convey to the reader in depth information of the topic involved. This may need research over the electronic media and the internet on the topic for giving the relevant facts and information in detail on the selected issue.

•    Select a topic

The topic can be predetermined or the one to be selected by the writer. In any case, the topic selection is a crucial exercise, which needs knowledge and experience on the subject topic along with the in-depth research on the relevant issue.

Most of the times while writing an academic essay, the professor gives a choice to the students to choose a topic among three or four given ones. However, it is necessary to select the topic, keeping in view the required length of the essay. For example such kind of essay on the history of slavery in United States of America, cannot be just written on a two-page document. Hence, this topic will suit only the lengthy papers.

•    Build your notes

Make rough notes of the details found during the research done to find the data and other statistics related to your selected topic. Initially framing the notes mentally will help to make the task easier while putting them in a rough draft.

The main objective of making the rough draft notes is to compare all the facts collected with your point of contention. While trying to expose any subject, the detailed explanation about the argument put forth by you should be well supported by the relevant and authentic data collected from various sources like media publications, books or the electronic and internet publications. However, the need is to cite that reference only which is relevant and meaningful.

•    Frame the main text

The rough notes drafted so far will be now shaped into a final document by editing them in a sequence, which reveals the transition of ideas in transparent and smooth manner from paragraph to paragraph. Nevertheless, the need to be explanatory throughout the expository essay should be paramount.

The text should follow the structure as given in the outline of the essay and writer should expand every outlined subtitle, while giving a small concluding part to the sub heading which can contain the critically evaluated views of the writer on that particular issue.

However, the writer needs to be very careful that there is no repetition of any facts or statistics, which will make the expository essay boring only.

•    Conclusion

Finally, conclude all the points in an interesting manner, giving your strong contention on the topics and subtopics explained in the main text.

Erin Amedda

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