Remake Phenomena in Film Essay Topics

Reboot Fever as Point of Discussion in Film Essay Topics

Over the past few years, several movies of the past have been remade and/or rebooted for the silver screen. With popular classics such as Batman, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Trek, Clash of the Titans and James Bond to name a few. Some criticized Hollywood that remakes are made because only a few new ideas are being made. Some also stated that the dying franchise of the films is being milked to its core. But for a normal film buff, remakes makes the character and the movie get better. This basic subject of remake can be a source for film term paper or custom essays.

Visual effects have gone a long way since two decades before, making this as one of the major gratifying part of a remake and a point of discussion for film essay topics. Take for example, Star Trek, the Shatner-era relied heavily on the intrigued and storyline than visual effects. The third and fourth Batman flop made use of heavy lighting and elaborate sets that tried to impress the audiences. The slasher flicks such as that of Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees, makes their kill more believable and exciting than before with the use of advanced graphic effects today. This concept of visual technology will be tested to the limits as the remake of the Clash of the Titans draws near, with the battle between Perseus and Medusa promising to be visually stunning. Visual eye-candy relives the excitement of these classic movies and brings the characters into new generation of audiences whose visual preference are far more demanding than the older generations.

Another critical part of the remake that makes it worth watching again is the storyline and this could also be a basis for college term paper for film students. Simple boy-meets-girl is such a cliche these days and the audience don’t buy that anymore. With James Bond, its not “what he will do next?” or “how he will do it?”, but “why did he do it?” Casino Royale, being Daniel Craig’s debut as 007, drew the line on how a James Bond should be played directly from the novel if Ian Fleming. Cold, ruthless and carrying a traumatic past, Craig’s interpretation of Bond easily earned him as one of the two greatest Bond’s of all time, with Sean Connery always being the benchmark to measure all Bond actors to come.

Basic plots don’t have an appeal to the movie goers these days, and remakes bring the characters into a new light with more complicated plots and psychological conversations that can be made into film essay topics. And the two Batman remakes by Christopher Nolan easily pulled this off, by delving deep into the troubled past of the dark knight which wasnt elaborated on the past movies. Batman begins was already great in the sense that the audiences feel with Bruce Wayne’s tragedy and sympathizes with Batman’s need to be the hands of justice. But the Dark Night proved to be more spectacular in almost every aspect of movie making. Shot in I-MAX, it was expected to be the selling point for the sequel, yet, what captured the audience was the concept of anarchy that was beautifully inculcated into the entire duration of the film.

Audiences today are hard to please, but with the remakes being done all the more better, then those who had seen these movies before always have to expect the unexpected, to see their favourite characters in a whole new light and attitude.

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