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Valeria Gorner

Structure Your Essay in Five Paragraph Essay Format For Best Results

Essay • May 16, 2010

Use Five Paragraph Essay Formats to Produce Coherent Academic Paper

The five paragraph essay format is a usual and most common way of writing the compositions. Actually, there are a lot of different formats but this one is the most suitable, especially for young and inexperienced writers such as the pupils and freshmen. It is extremely helpful for those who begin developing their composition skills. This material will provide you the information on how to write an essay using the proper essay structure and paragraph structure.

The method of creating a composition using the five paragraph essay format includes prewriting and brainstorming stage, a rough draft and the last revision of the writing. Before you start writing an essay, make sure you follow the prewriting procedure. The first step of your work should be the process of gathering the information, your ideas and thoughts. It will be much easier to write the essay if your thoughts are in line with some plan. You should create a plan so that your data can be listed according to the sections of your future essay. The next step is the process of creating a rough draft of your work. It is a groundwork variant of your final essay, so it should be fully written and structured. The final copy of the essay will be formed after the revision and editing. This method is the most proper way of the five paragraph essay format writing.

The structure of such an essay consists of five parts.

  1. The Introduction. This first part of your essay should involve the reader in your writing. Usually, it contains the thesis statement and tells the reader about your topic. At the end of the paragraph please use a sentence which will transmit the reader to the next part of your essay.
  2. The body paragraph which consists of the three parts. This part of your essay should describe the ideas mentioned in the thesis. Each part of the body must be structurally complete and closed. The first part of the body contains the strongest argument such as some examples, illustrations or the thesis statement. There should also be a topic which relates to the introductory part.
  3. The next part of the body contains the second argument with the examples or illustrations. It should have strong connections with the first paragraph of the body. The topic of this part of your essay should also relate to the introduction.
  4. The last part of the body contains the weakest position or argument. The paragraph must be connected with the second one. The last sentences of the third part lead into the final paragraph.
  5. The conclusion. It is the final part which tells the reader that the discussion is over. It may contain the summary of the body part, a restatement of thesis statement, a final statement with the results of your research work and analyses.

So, following these steps will help you to write a paper using five paragraph essay format. You can also receive an essay writing professional help at where you can order professionally written academic essays and research papers on any topic.

Valeria Gorner

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