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Fountainhead essay contest

Essay • February 24, 2011

Winning Fountainhead essay contests is a challenging task

Fountainhead essay contestThe Ayn Rand Institute, CA conducts the Fountainhead essay contest every year. All students worldwide can participate. You can summit the essay online. You can also mail it to the address as per the official website of the Institute. The last date for submitting 2011 essays is April 26, 2011.

Ayn Rand is an emigrant from Soviet Russia. She became a naturalized US citizen. She is one of the widely read authors of the world. So many years after their publication, many still read her “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”. Ayn Rand institute distributes more than 40,000 copies of her works free, every year to various schools all over the world.

There are 236 prizes worth $33,200 every year for the winners of the Fountainhead essay contest. The first prize is $10,000. The ‘Explain with reference to the context’ type prompts are only from Ayn Rand’s novels. None of the author’s work is less than 500 pages. As this is an international contest, you cannot expect to win without reading these bulky volumes.

The contest is an annual event. You submit a reflective essay based on expected prompts. Hence you can easily buy essays for the contest. But whether you can win in an international contest with such essays is a moot point. Perhaps they may help you to locate the context of the prompt from the large books. Remember this web site is an excellent resource for even custom research papers.

In order to write Fountainhead essay contest essays, you must first understand Ayn Rand. Her perspective of social and economic issues is unique. She has developed her own political philosophy called ‘objectivism’. It vehemently advocates unfettered laissez-faire capitalism. Surprisingly she also advocates ‘limited governance’ and ‘withering away of the state’ just like her beta noire, the ‘Socialists’ and the ‘Communists’. She promotes ‘ethical egoism’ and opposes ‘Welfare or altruistic state’. No wonder she played a signal role in the campaign of one of the earlier Republican presidential candidates.

In the current year Fountainhead essay contest you can select from one of the three prompts. All are from her 1943 novel “Fountainhead”. You can legally download the entire book free of cost from multiple internet resources. It is difficult to summarize the plot of this mammoth book in this limited post.

Select one from the following.

  • After the Stoddard trial, Dominique Francon marries Peter Keating. Given her love for the integrity of Howard Roark’s buildings and person, why does she do this? What is she seeking from the marriage? How does her action of marrying Peter relate to her deeper convictions and conflicts?
  • In dynamiting Cortlandt Homes, Howard Roark breaks the law. What is his moral and philosophical argument for the rectitude of his action?
  • Choose the scene in The Fountainhead that is most meaningful to you. Analyze that scene in terms of the wider themes in the book.
Erin Amedda

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