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Fountainhead Essay Contest

Essay • March 3, 2011

fountainhead essay contest

Are you in for the Fountainhead Essay Contest?

So, you have heard about the Fountainhead essay contest and are thinking of participating this year? Well, it’s a good idea. We are here to help you in this by providing some relevant information. The Fountain Head essay contest is held annually by the Ayn Rand Institute. Worldwide participation is welcome and essays can be sent via email or snail mail. The topics are related to the works of Ayn Rand, reflective essays based on prompts are often asked for. There is an official website of the institute where all relevant information is available. Following is some information about the Fountain head Essay contest:
• The contest is for eleven and twelve graders.
• The entry deadline is 26th of April, 2011.
• You will be required to choose one out of three prompts. Each of these is from Ayn Rand’s work: The Fountainhead. These prompts are available on the official website of the Ayn Rand institute.
• The essays are judged mainly in two dimensions: firstly in terms of structure, syntax and writing quality and secondly it is judged how well the writer is able to express the philosophy underlying the novel.
• There are handsome cash prizes for the winners and runner ups in the contest.

Some helpful information on Ayn Rand’s philosophy:

Here is some information that can come in handy while you are composing an essay for the fountain head essay contest. It is important to understand the writer’s philosophy before attempting a reflective essay on one of her works. Usually authors have one main theme in all their works and this theme is obviously controlled by their thinking, beliefs and the way they see life. Ayn Rand actually belonged to soviet Russia but settled in USA. Her works are very popular in schools and colleges throughout the region. She is believer of a philosophy named objectivism, of whom she also happens to be the founder. This objectivism has four dimensions or constituents:
• Firstly, nature is as it is and man is bound to accept it as an objective absolute, which will not change if man wishes it to be different.
• Secondly, objectivism advocates reason. Reason is the only correct way to solve problems.
• Thirdly, objectivists believe that the highest sole purpose of man’s existence is self interest and that is what he seeks all his life.
• Lastly, Capitalism is the ideal political system.
It is important to have a grasp on this philosophy before trying to interpret any of Ayn Rand’s work in the fountainhead essay contest. Since the topics for the year are announced before hand, you can buy essay or have it custom made by writing experts online. This will give you a sample essay to serve as a guide or in case of a custom made one you can have your ideas written by an expert. These experts also offer custom research papers and dissertation help.

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