Erin Amedda

Erin Amedda

Grad School Essay is a Chance to Show Your Knowledge and Skills

Essay • May 24, 2010

Grad School Essays Can Give the Students a Lot of Advantages

The grad school essay is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their future. There are a lot of essay competitions and the one can take part in many of them. If the student has a good knowledge in the particular subject and has some plans about his future job, it is very important to think about writing the essay contest. The one can find a lot of such competitions either at the colleges or the universities or at the international level. Almost every institution is organizing different competitions annually. Their main purpose is to find the talents, so if you have writing skills have some knowledge and is interested in the research work – you should not miss such an opportunity.

The grad school essays can be useful not only for the educational institutions but for the students as well. There are two main advantages of taking part in such competitions. The first one is a chance to win a money prize and to be accepted to the college or university. Besides, it is a unique chance for the individuals who have financial problems. Usually, the winners are given a full or a part scholarship and it can really help them to continue their education. The second benefit is the experience which will be gained during the essay writing. The college life is full of the research work, rules and other things that prepare the students for the future life. So taking part in the competition for a grant will help to prepare for that splendid and interesting life.

It is a well-known fact that grad school essays should be written according to the particular rules. Each institution has its own rules and recommendations but the structure is the same for all of them. Usually it is the five paragraph essay type and all the students should get acquainted with it before starting their work. The lengths of the paper can be different too, but usually it does not exceed 2000 words. The format of your writing can be MS Word or PDF. Some institutions require the submission of the essay in different languages but the most common language is English. Speaking about the topics of the competitions, it is necessary to mention that they are changed every year but if you have chosen the subject and it is of a great interest for you and you plan to connect your life with this area of study – be sure the writing will be easy and interesting for you.

The money prizes can also be of a different amount. It depends on the institution and the quality of the essay. As mentioned above, the student can be given a full or partial scholarship grant which is also worth struggling for. Usually the winning prize starts from 500 USD and does not exceed the amount of 3000 USD. But there are exceptions. Such organizations as the UN or the World Bank can offer the prizes up to 10 000 USD but that level of writing is much more serious.

Nearly all the students dream to write grad school essay successfully. If you are a talented write we wish you success in your writing, but if you require the assistance – please visit custom essay writing assistant and we will help you in writing your essay.

Erin Amedda

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