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How to Write a Compelling College Essay about Coronavirus

Essay • February 24, 2021

How to Write About Coronavirus in a College Essay

Without a doubt, coronavirus has impacted the entire world significantly. One of the areas that have felt this hit is education.

With the coronavirus onset, students had to be flexible and learn new ways to study. On the other hand, teachers had to embrace technology and get out of their comfort zones to educate effectively.

In most high schools, a pass-fail approach was the last resort due to the pandemic. As a result, it goes without saying that college applications are bound to be different. With test scores almost impossible to come up with, school admission teams are using new approaches.

Many admissions officers are now requiring students to write about the coronavirus and the impact of the pandemic on their lives. For this reason, there’s even more pressure to stand out if you want to secure a place in your most-coveted institution.

So, how do you write a college essay about coronavirus and get enrolled in an excellent college? Let’s find out.

Write About Coronavirus If You Have a Unique Experience

The pandemic has affected everyone worldwide, and you probably have a story of your own.

But is it good enough to impress the admissions officers?

Is it just another story about surviving the pandemic, not being allowed to do what you love?

Now more than ever, your college essay needs to stand out. As we’ve mentioned, admissions teams don’t have a lot to go by to make a decision. So, your college essay can make or break your chances.

Write about coronavirus only if you have a unique experience that will make you stand out.

If You Must Include Coronavirus, Do It in the Optional Section

You also have the option of writing a college essay about coronavirus without making the main focus on it. The good news is that most admission essays now contain an optional section where you can discuss your experience.

There is no wrong or right answer. This section was added to see how different students overcome the challenges that came with the coronavirus.

Therefore, you have several options here. You can write this section in a straightforward way. List the challenges you faced, what you learnt, and how you overcame them.

If you didn’t face any challenges you can also share your experience. There are people who have seen a significant change in their life after the coronavirus. This doesn’t negate your story. If you want to share it, do so in this section.

The other alternative is discussing how the coronavirus affected those closest to you.

Writing a College Essay About the Coronavirus: Dos and Don’ts

If you decide to write an essay about coronavirus, it’s crucial to do it the right way.

We’ve provided some dos and don’ts to ensure you write a compelling, captivating essay.

Here’s what you should know:


If you want your paper to stand out:

  • Give a unique perspective of how you faced the coronavirus challenges
  • Don’t be pressured to oversell your experience
  • Consider writing about other topics if you’re not severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Begin early and brainstorm ideas for your college essay and come up with a perfect topic


Avoid the following when writing a college essay about coronavirus:

  • Don’t describe the nature of the pandemic because this fact is well-known and well-discussed
  • Don’t discuss common challenges every student is facing, like having to learn virtually
  • Don’t make your essay unordered and unstructured — don’t change the flow of the ideas abruptly

Impress the College Admission Team with Your College Essay

Writing a college essay is always a nerve-wracking process. You have one chance to impress the admissions team, and you can’t afford to mess it up. But don’t fret. With this guide, you should know how to write an essay that focuses on the coronavirus.

Remember, only go this route if you have a different, unique experience that will better your chances. Otherwise, write about it in the optional section.

And if you need help writing your college essay, hire our writers. They have done thousands of such essays and know how to present your story. They’ll better your chances of being enrolled!

Reach out to us today!

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