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Valeria Gorner

The Wealth of Human Rights Essay Topics Found in Every Day Life

Essay • May 14, 2010

The Variety of Human Rights Essays Topics

The human rights essay is a very important and interesting issue nowadays. Nearly every day there is some information concerning the human rights in the newspapers, on radio or the TV. Usually, students face the difficulties in writing this kind of an essay. There are some aspects which can mislead the young and inexperienced writer, so this short issue will give you some practical advices on how to do this serious work right.

First of all, it is necessary to find out what the difference between the Civil Rights and the Human Rights is. Civil Rights are usually devoted to the particular religion or the society, while the human rights term has much more complicated meaning and a wider range of possibilities. This fact should be considered and clearly understood before you start writing the human rights essays. Human rights violation can be considered, for example, as genocide in Bosnia, where the religion and nationality led to great troubles in this country. Women and children were killed in Bosnia just because they were at the wrong time and place. One more example is a Tiananmen Square incident. The Chinese students wanted more freedom and rights but the Communist Government of China ignored their rights. As a result of it – a lot of young people were arrested, killed or seriously injured.

If the student wants to write a strong and effective analytical essay on the subject of human rights, most of the information can be received from the newspapers, magazines and from the Internet. Such facts are wide spread today, so there will be enough information on the topic.  Besides, the history knows a lot of facts of human rights violation, so you can also take some topics from the historical sources.

In different cultures women become the victims of human rights abuse. Usually, such cases take place in the Muslim countries, such as Iran, Turkey, Egypt where women are being punished or even being killed according to the Shariah Law. The killing is acceptable if a woman does not obey her husband. Besides, there are forced marriages in a number of the Eastern countries. That is why a student can also pick up an explanatory human rights essay and describe the situation.

One more interesting topic on the human rights violation is the political rules in some countries. Among them are Cuba and North Korea where the people are controlled with terrible rules and do not have their own rights. Very often those who try to escape these regimes are killed. These essays belong to the historical type and if the writer wants to create a strong writing he will have to describe the facts to place the reader in the middle of the emotional scenario.

Anyway, if you want to write a strong essay on this subject you will have to understand what the human rights are. If you do not have time for the research work, you can always ask for the help of the professional essay writers. At, you will be offered a great number of the human rights essays or you will be able to order a unique one written in accordance with your specific needs.

Valeria Gorner

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