Writing a Malayalam Essay

Malayalam essay

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Writing Malayalam essays is a common task that students are often assigned. Such an assignment can be difficult to handle for students without back ground knowledge in Malayalam. It is also important to know a bit about the culture of people living in Kerala to be able to write a Malayalam essay. Some universities in the US offer courses in Malayalam and such universities may demand a Malayalam essay even prior to admission.

Some facts on Malayalam and Kerala:

Following is some basic information on Kerala that might come in handy while writing a Malayalam Essay:

  • Malayalam is first language of people of Kerala, an Indian state, located in the southern India. This language has some words common with two other languages namely Tamil and Sanskrit, both of which are also languages of other Indian states.
  • Interesting fact about the Keralites is, that wherever they have spread in the world, they have not let go off their mother tongue, Malayalam. This has not only promoted the Malayalam language worldwide but has also spread the Malayalam culture.
  • The citizens of Kerala have a rich culture of which they are proud and are willing to spread it in other countries of the world.
  • Thurvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala.
  • Kerala is an Indian state having the highest literacy rate.
  • Kerala is full of natural beauty, which draws many tourists each year. Malayalam is a famous language and is understood and spoken not only all over India, but also in other countries by the Keralite immigrants.
  • Kerala used to be a rich soil agricultural area, but with gradual increase in population, the soil of the state is no more fertile. Therefore the Keralites do not depend on agriculture any more.
  • The monsoon rains in Kerala that occur in June and July are a distinctive feature of the area.

Malayalam Essay Writing:

When writing a Malayalam Essay, follow these guidelines to write effectively:

    • Chose a topic related to Kerala that allows you to describe any important fact of the area.
    • Writing on culture or economy of Kerala is a good idea since there is a lot of information available on this on the internet and in books.
    • Write the essay as you would write any other essay. Divide it into nice small paragraphs and connect the ideas.
    • You can write a narrative essay on the Malayalam. This will allow open choice to focus different cultural, social and economic aspects of the Kerala state in an interesting manner.
    • When writing a Malayalam essay, do not forget to highlight the 100% literacy rate in the state and an appreciation of this is a must.
    • Write in a proper format and remain under the word limit.
    • Use essay help if you feel like it. It will save you a lot of trouble and you will have a perfect essay written well before your deadline.

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