MBA Admission Essay

mba admission essay

Composing an MBA Admission Essay:

Composing a general admission essay is itself a challenging task and composing an MBA Admission essay is even more challenging. This is true because the admission jury who goes through the MBA admission essay does not consist of ordinary educators. They all have an MBA degree, have a specific mental set. These people are seeking applicants with the same, business minded attitude and an aptitude for studying accounting, finance and most of all marketing. They are seeking stable persons who are good at problem solving and do not freak out in stress. Demonstrating all these skills in an essay is not an easy task.

Qualities and components of a Perfect MBA Admission Essay:

Following are some distinguishing features of admission winning MBA admission essays:
• Reflection of maturity: An MBA admission essay must reflect maturity. Jury going through MBA admission essays is looking for responsible and mature candidates who take their task seriously and accept responsibility for it.
• Ambition: A perfect MBA admission essay must convey that the applicant is ambitious and really wants to choose this profession.
• Aim: It is important to include what drives you to go for this field of study and why? There must be strong reason as to why you are attracted to this field of study and evidence that you are capable of taking and digesting the stress that might come your way during the course.
• Relevant Knowledge in the field: It is advisable to demonstrate some background knowledge in the field. This has to be done by giving examples from your work life or school life; not by stating your relevant academic achievements.
• Demonstration of Skills: An admission essay is not the place to talk about your qualifications. Rather, you need to demonstrate your skills.
• Team work: Demonstrate your ability to do teamwork in your essay if you possess it.MBA professionals lay a lot of stress on team work and they prefer applicants who demonstrate their ease at working as part of a team and communication effectively with the other members of the team.
• Decision making: Business is a field where decisions are needed to be made often. More often than other fields of life. Try to convey via your essay that when faced by multiple choices you are quick at deciding and do not get confused easily. Demonstrate this ability with some examples from your personal life or your experiences at internship or work.

Assistance in writing MBA Admission Essays:

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