Writing an MBA Application Essay

MBA application essay

The challenge of composing MBA application Essays:

Writing an MBA application essay can be tricky. Not that writing other application essays is an easy task, but writing application essays for an MBA program is more complex. There are two main reasons for this:
• The admission jury at business schools is seeking applicants with infinite practical skills. These cannot be demonstrated in the application form or via academic record. The application essay is the place where one can demonstrate the possession of practical skills and their application in real life by the applicant.
• Admission jury of the business schools usually requires a series of application essays for the MBA program and these are experts in business field themselves. There are the skills demonstrated in the essay are scrutinized and analyzed in detail by the well qualified jury. Plus, there is more competition in business schools these days than any other school.
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Guidelines for composing an MBA application essay:

Following are some tips and guidelines for composing an application essay for MBA:
• Avoid literary writing style. Write in a business like way.
• Demonstrate your ability of problem solving and of handling the situation in crises.
• Indicate your future plans. Explain why you want to join the business school and how it will help you in achieving your aim in life.
• You can add what inspires you to choose this field and why? It is best to be honest while doing so.
• Identify what skills in marketing you possess. Add any experience from your internship where you marketed any product and contributed in increased sales of your employing company.
• Demonstrate your knowledge of finance in the essay. Exhibit some information on accounting principles and strategies. Indicate the marketing and finance strategies you know of and appreciate.
• Also demonstrate how different combinations of marketing techniques can be used to achieve a sales target and demonstrate any relevant experience.
• Show some evidence of team work. You can add something from your work experience here. For example you can write about how you were assigned a team work project while you were an internee. How do you like it and what did you learn from it.
• It is advisable to show some knowledge of human resource management in your essay as well.
• Reade your essay twice or thrice, see if any changes are required. You can also ask your friends for their feedback on the essay.
• Make sure the essay has no grammatical errors and is free from spelling mistakes as well.

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