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Types of MBA application essay

Essay • March 8, 2011

How to write different types of MBA application essays

GMAT essays

MBA application essay 2The Graduate Management Admission Council, a not for profit body, conducts online Graduate Management Admissions tests (GMAT) world over through its authorized affiliates. GMAT has become a standardized yardstick for assessing eligibility to MBA courses in many institutes world wide. GMAT contains the first category of MBA application essays. “” (, is the official website for GMAT. It provides a list of GMAT essay prompts every year. These prompts are just indicative and do not reveal the actual test prompts. One may use them for purposes of practice.

GMAT has an “Analytical writing assignment” section, which carries approximately 11.35% of the total GMAT score. One has to write these essays online within a time frame of one hour. Hence limit these essays to what you can write within this allotted time.

These MBA application essays are by far the most important. You need to write two essays, which I will describe in the next two paragraphs. These are almost similar in format to SAT and LSAT essays. You can buy essays on some of the sample essay prompts as per and use them in your preparations and for guidance.

The first essay prompt is usually the “issue question”. It consists of a “topic” and a “directive”. The topic usually a couple of sentences at the maximum and may be a famous quotation relating to a current issue. The directive comprises of one or two questions with reference to the topic. Your essay should discuss the topic in the light of the directives. This is almost similar to a SAT essay prompt. This blog explains SAT essay questions in detail in another post.

The second essay prompt is the “argument question”. It consists of an “argument” and a “directive”. These are case study or scenario type prompts. The argument is generally a business scenario described in about a paragraph of ten to fifteen lines. The directive contains specific instructions regarding the expected analysis of the argument.

No need to say that the institutes expect some creativity in these essays. Again creativity does not mean speculative wool gathering. You should analyze the argument assuming that you are facing a like situation in an actual business. Creativity should be within the accepted bounds of business prudence. Many a time the argument may relate to a real business scenario which some organization has encountered and solved. Wide reading of business and management journals may help you tackle such questions successfully.

Institute specific essays

Another type of MBA application essay is a normal application or admission essays some reputed institutes demand. In these days of microscopic progression of GMAT scores your success may hinge on such essays. Mostly you can expect a personal statement. Many successful essays of this sort graphically portray the student’s attributes vis-à-vis the qualities expected of a successful business magnate. This is where customized essays can help a lot. Remember that this is the resource for even custom research papers and reflective essays.

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