Medical School Essay

medical school essay

Tips on attempting a Medical School Essay:

If you are seeking admission in a medical school and need help with writing a medical school essay, here is some help! Coming up with a unique and impressive medical school essay is not an easy task but a necessary one if one is to get accepted at a respectable medical school.

Qualities of an impressive Medical School Essay:

A medical school essay might be similar to other essays in general format and structure, but the content is very different. There are certain considerations that one must keep in mind while composing a Medical School Essay. Following are some characteristics of an impressive medical school essay:
• A medical school essay must state why you have chosen this profession. You can start by writing about your interest in the field and stating why and how it has developed. Be honest in making these statements, and then you will be able to write a more impressive essay. True feelings are always easy to write about than artificially made up stories.
• Admission juries in medical schools are looking for compassion and commitment in medical school essays. They want to select those applicants who are committed to the profession of medicine. For this you have to demonstrate your commitment in the essay.
• One trait specific to medical school essays is that of a reflection of service to humanity. Medicine is not an ordinary profession. It is related to mankind and requires dealing with humans. Medicine is the most sensitive profession due to its dealing with sick people. An ideal medical school applicant must therefore communicate in the essay that he or she is willing to join the profession for a reason above earning a living. It has to have something to do with serving humanity and helping sick people.
• A winning medical school essay demonstrates and reflects responsibility. Medical students have to be responsible since it is a very sensitive field. Try to paint in words that you are able to accept responsibility, have a mature attitude towards handling situation sand are a dependable person.
• Make sure the essay is personal. Avoid technical talk. Do not try to express that you have very much knowledge about medicine and medical world. Write simple English and talk about your personality, discuss your traits and attitude towards life. It is a good idea to show that you are a humble person, willing to learn and excel in the profession.

Help in Medical School Essay Writing:

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