Share your Life Story in the Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Will Help You to Reveal your Thoughts and Feelings to the Readers

Pupils usually write narrative essay at schools and colleges. That’s really interesting kind of writing and here you can reveal all your thoughts and attitudes towards something. You can also share your life experience in this kind of essay writing.

Before writing your composition think what you want to tell the readers, what experience you want to share. Your research paper writing may be in the form of a story. If you use this form of narration then make sure your essay consists of the main constituents of the storytelling; that is the plot of your essay, characters, denouement, climax and the conclusions or the end of the story.

Before writing narrative essay choose the topic for your work. It may be events that happen to you in the childhood. That also can be your life failures or on the contrary glorious victories. You can also write about your life achievements, describe you way to the success: it may be a good grade at school or more global achievements like entering the prestigious university or desired job. Some students compare narrative essay to the reflective essay.

Make a list of preferable topics; think what you want to share in the first turn. Think what topic can draw readers’ attention and touch their souls, think maybe you have some life experience that will be helpful for other people then you can not only just tell a narrative story but help some people. If you can’t clarify for yourself what it’s better to write about then ask other people what it will be interesting for them or maybe your instructor can help you with the choice.

If you have chosen the topic then make an outline or draft of your narration. Identify what you want to tell in each part of narration. For example, in the introduction you may give some general observations and statements that deal with the main topic, then in the main part of narration be more detailed, use vivid descriptions. Remember that your narration should be based on your own experience no matter if it past or present. Sometimes pupils also describe somebody else’s experience. Narrative essays are usually written in the first person but sometimes third person (he, she or it) may be used for your narration.

When you are done with your narration read it once again, think if everything is clear. Remember that sometimes missing small details may confuse the reader because he doesn’t know everything that is well known to you. Check also if everything is correct in the story, all sentences should be well-formed, grammatically correct; there should be no spelling mistakes or misprints. Ask other people to read your narration; maybe with their critical reading they can see some mistakes or inaccuracy.

Writing narrative essay is an interesting task for many students but sometimes you are pressed for time and don’t have time for your composition that’s why special services like offer students to buy custom essays or any other kind of writing (e.g. term paper).

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