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Gregory Cox

Opinion Essay is a Great Chance to Shape Your Point of View on Some Issue

Essay • January 24, 2010

Share Your Thoughts in Opinion Essay

If you are assigned to write an opinion essay, be sure you are lucky. This kind of paper is not difficult and very interesting as here you have all the opportunities to promote your own points of view. But still you should learn how to conduct a well-grounded argumentation. Besides, you should be completely concerned in the topic and knowledgable in opinion essay format.

Think what subject or what problem you want to describe in your essay. Sometimes students get a task to write the essay on the definite topic, then they do not have to waste their time on searching the topic.

If you know the topic, think what you need for its writing. As opinion essay is an academic writing you still have to use different academic sources. You may have several options in searching for the information:

1. Read research materials – books, research papers and peer-reviewed articles.
2. Run over the internet web sites. Maybe there you may find the most interesting and up-to-date information. If you take the information from the article, write down its link. So then you may place it in the list of references.
3. Visit custom writing web sites. There you may also find opinion essay example. Reading other students essay sample you will understand how it is better to organize your opinion essay.

In the introduction, outline the problem that you will discuss in the next paragraphs of the main body. Here you may reveal your point of view on the topic. Readers should know from the first sentences of your essay about your attitude toward the essay subject. Write also the main purpose of your essay writing.

You may divide the main body of your essay into several paragraphs. In the first paragraph you may describe the subject of your investigation from the points of view of other people. Here you may use the information from the reference material. Write different citations, viewpoints of other researchers. But do not forget to follow all the citation rules. If you ignore the citation rules and just paste somebody’s idea or saying without the reference to the author, you will be accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a strict violation for which you may be punished

Do not forget about the transition at the end of each paragraph and sub-paragraph. Last sentence of the paragraph should logically proceed to the next paragraph.

In the conclusion you should give a well-defined answer to the question that you stated in the thesis proposal. You may say your points of view as for the possibilities of further investigation of the given subject. In the bibliography you should state all the books, periodical material or other sources that were somehow employed in your essay.

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Gregory Cox

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