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Gregory Cox

Mind the Proper Format and Structure of Your Our Day out Essay

Essay • May 14, 2010

Find out How to Work on Our Day out Essays

If you are a student who is doing his GCSE English literature coursework, then you will probably need to prepare a lot of essays based on plays and novels. One of such essays which you will need to complete is the “Our day out” essay, based on a play by Willy Russell. It tells a story of poor illiterate children who are having a class trip. The play focuses the readers’ attention around how these children enjoy this day visiting beach, zoo and fairgrounds. Below are given some useful tips on how you can create a really good writing work on this topic.

1)      First of all, you need to understand the story and the plot. Try to read the play and watch its television production if possible. It will help you to understand the story’s themes and other important details of this novel. Try to read between the lines and understand the hidden meaning the author tried to convey. Make certain that every single sentence is clearly understood by you.

2)      Now you need to add the necessary elements to the essay. There are important elements that should be considered while writing your essay. You may discuss certain characters of the play or make a kind of a comparison for every character. One can also tell about the reason as to why the author wrote the play and what his main aim was. Remember that any of these and other elements can be well used to write “Our day out” essays.

3)      The process of preparing this essay will provide you with a basic understanding of how the people from the “other side of town” are usually treated. You can write about it in your writing paper, as well as about the lack of any help from the government for such poor children. These are the main points the author wanted to convey to his readers by means of his play.

4)      No matter what plot, theme or character you will choose to write your “Our day out” essay on, it must have a proper format and structure. The foreword must inform your future reader about what is discussed, the body must present the proof of your arguments and the conclusions part will restate your thesis in a short summary. Keep in mind that if you use proper writing techniques and organize your essay correctly it will be a real masterpiece.

You need to remember that writing “Our day out” essays can be a really interesting assignment in case you have understood the play and its main characters. Still, you may lack the necessary time to read the text and write your essay on it. In such case, you may wish to apply for professional assistance. Visit custom research writing vendor and get the qualified help you need. Besides, you can simply order a custom-written writing work and it will be completed by skilled writers. Your essay will be thoroughly written and checked and you can be sure it will be a 100% plagiarism-free and high-quality paper.

Gregory Cox

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