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Writing Oxbridge Essays

Essay • March 9, 2011

oxbridge essay

Tips on composing Oxbridge Essays:

Oxbridge is a term collectively given to the Oxford and Cambridge universities. Oxbridge includes all universities and colleges that fall under the oxford or Cambridge universities or happen to be affiliated with either of the two. The term Oxbridge essay might refer to an admission essay or application essay as a part of admission process in any of the Oxbridge universities/colleges, or it may refer to the essay assignments, given by any of these universities to students for completion. In either case, whether the Oxbridge essays are meant to be admission essays or assignment essays, they are bound to be perfect if they are to meet the high standards of Oxbridge.

Qualities of an Oxbridge admission Essay:

Following are the qualities that separate Oxbridge admission winning essays from ordinary essays:
• Writing style of Oxbridge admission essays is professional. The structure and language is well chalked out. Whether the style is casual or literary, it is composed carefully and choice of vocabulary is exquisite.
• An Oxbridge essay is bound to be grammatically flawless. The whole essay is written in perfect English and sophisticated writing style that reflects professionalism.
• The essay is fully coherent. Each paragraph is linked to the previous and the following paragraph. One paragraph deals with one idea and the concepts are not intermingled.
• An Oxbridge admission essay in general must show that the applicant is serious and has an important and well chalked out aim in life and is committed to fulfill that aim.

Characteristics of Oxbridge Assignment Essays:

Oxbridge assignment essays require no less expertise than Oxbridge admission ones. Following are some tips for attempting Oxbridge assignment essays:
• Always adhere strictly to the instructions. Follow the preferred format to the book and make sure all material is reference as per the prescribed pattern.
• If there is not specified format, make sure that you choose a well known popular format. MLA is more common in the humanities while APA pertains mostly to the sciences, however variations are found in usage of these formats. It is best to consult the teacher regarding this.
• A typical assignment essay starts with an appealing introduction and is followed by the main body. The main body must have three divisions. One of these must focus on relevant theory on the topic, the other must include a review of relevant available and recent literature while the third division must consist of personal reflection on the topic in light of review.
• Last few paragraphs are the conclusion. It is best to separate these with a heading. The conclusion is a summary of the article/essay.
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