Yerin Kirishiki

Yerin Kirishiki

Try to Diversify the Routine of Persuasive Essay Outline Writing

Essay • March 2, 2010

Broaden the Usual Horizons of Persuasive Essay Outline Writing

Persuasive or argument essay writing is a difficult process of presenting your evidence to prove that one idea is more reasonable than another one. Here you need to persuade your reader to accept a certain opinion. Your arguments should always have some sound reasoning and firm evidence by presenting the facts, offering logical reasons, making use of examples and citing the experts. Surely, you will need a high quality persuasive essay outline. So let’s try to define the main points of making it successfully.

1) The first part of your persuasive essay is a foreword. Here you need to get your reader’s attention by using some “hooks”. You may also present here some background information in case it is necessary. And finally, don’t fail to add some reasonable thesis or focus statement. Keep in mind, that it is an opening part of your work that will influence the general opinion of the reader.

2) The next point of your persuasive essay outline is the first body paragraph. Here you give the readers a topic sentence that will explain your point of view. Present the evidence and some examples (usually three of them) to support your position. Add a sentence to transit to the next paragraph.

3) Time to present second body paragraph of your work. Tell your readers about some opposing points of view so that they could know you have thought on various positions. Try to give at least three different examples to demonstrate opposing attitude. You should prepare this part especially thoroughly, since it will demonstrate your ability to present and think of versatile facts. In the end of this part don’t fail to make a smooth transition into the next paragraph.

4) And the last part of your persuasive essay outline will be conclusion. In this section you will have to give the summary of the main points and reasons of research, to confirm your thesis statement and finally, to add some personal comment or maybe a call to action.

In conclusion, let’s consider some rules of successful persuasive essay writing. Firstly, think what evidence you can include in your work and in what consequence you will present your evidence. Don’t forget to think of the purpose, audience, and the topic of your essay before starting the process of writing. You must be familiar with your topic. In case you want to add to the topic knowledge you need to read systematically about it. And don’t forget to take notes constantly.

Persuasive essay outline writing is a very interesting and still complex task. Try to do your best to prepare it perfectly. Mind your scientific language, think of the structure and organizing of the outline. And in case you come across any difficulties, you may visit custom research writing vendor and get professional assistance there. Besides, you can always find there example essays such as example of literature review. Don’t hesitate to apply for help! High quality is guaranteed!

Yerin Kirishiki

Written by Yerin Kirishiki

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