The Choice of Persuasive Essay Topics and Producing High Rating Essay

Persuasive essay topics can be found in almost any field of study

When you deal with persuasive essay, the first task is to choose one of many writing topics. You can take any topic and refer it to persuasive essay topics if you make a certain accent or produce a unique opinion which requires vehement defense. Your task is to persuade and if you really believe that you are right, you can cope with this task.

Let’s take this persuasive topic multiple language development from early childhood. This topic can be covered a variety of essay format from informative essay to descriptive one. However, it can be made persuasive if you produce a strong opinion and find enough relevant arguments in support of it. If you believe that children should be exposed to several languages during their early years to develop their competent in these languages, you should browse through research studies dealing with this issue and find support for one’s opinion. This can be also an analysis of statistical information to show that early language learners get more advanced users of languages which are not native. However, in this essay example one should also mention opposing views and reject them by using persuasive arguments.

The other topics to be explored in persuasive essay or persuasive essay topics are:
• The advantages of healthy diet
• Do globally expanding companies threat local identity or enrich local cultures?
• Does reality TV produce psychologically healthy children?
• Domestic violence – the effect of modern society or everlasting phenomenon?
• Is abortion a murder or minor surgical operation?
• Religious fanaticism – psychological or social problem?

The list can be enlarged if to think of other popular topics in opposition of views. Persuasive topics are usually topics of alternative or some choice among various opinion and argument supposed defense. One takes an individual position and supports it with convincing arguments.

For effective writing on persuasive essay topics, one should be consistent with the point taken for defense and produce a persuasive back-up for personal views and experiences. One should have ability of versatile analysis of some phenomenon or viewing it from different perspectives and documenting them in a clear and concise format. There’s no doubt the paper should be logical with clear-cut or well-defined thesis being proved over and over again in an essay.

For effective persuasion one needs to have excellent writing skills or be able to use language means with strong emotion appeal so that readers can easily agree with author’s viewpoint. This is the use of figurative languages and stylistic means which make any information visual and easy to perceive. Thus the essay becomes easy to read and understand.

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