Reveal Your Inner World in Reflective Essay Writing

Reflective Essay Writing Helps Students to Learn How to Share Their Observations

Reflective essay writing is a very interesting and fascinating kind of essay as here you can reveal your personal thoughts and points.

Some students do not know how to write a reflective essay. In this kind of essay you should reveal your personal attitude towards the topic. Besides, you have a great chance to share your experience. Students usually complete reflective essays when they are finishing some courses or project. Share your observations and findings in your paper. You may also write a reflective essay about some piece of reading. Here you should present your reaction on the literary work or book. But do not summarize what you have read. You should refer to some episode or paragraph of the book and describe what impressed you the most.

Reflective essay writing as any other kind of essays requires certain guidance in its completing:

1. Define the topic for your essay. Think what topic evokes some emotions. It can be your summer trip to some beautiful country or island. Describe your observations and feelings when you arrived to the country. You may also compare your expectations about the country and what you have really seen. Try to revise what was your first impression. Think if it has changed during the vacation. State what you enjoyed the most about the trip. Point out if the given place is worth visiting.

If you got some negative emotions about the trip, so you may also describe it. Write whose fault was of your bad travelling (maybe your lack of organization, bad airline company, service of the hotel, bad weather conditions etc.). If you have some pieces of advice for the readers, so you may share some tips of how to make the summer trip better. You may also read reflective essay examples for finding good ideas for your essay.

2. Collect relevant information for your reflective essay writing. Though, reflective essay is based on your own experience and findings, still you have to use different academic recourses to support your information. There are several ways in finding information for your essay:

– School library. Go to the library and ask library assistants if they have some interesting issues on your topic. You can use for your paper text books as well as academic journals, magazines etc. Encyclopedias may also become useful for you.

– Internet. Here you may find a lot of the most current and interesting information. But still you should always pay attention to the reputation of the web site from which you are going to take the information. Read essay samples online.

3. Outline your paper and create the first draft. Divide your essay into several logical parts. Think what piece of information you want to share with the readers in each part of your paper. Make strong introductory part. So the readers will be engrossed in your essay from the first sentences. You should also create a thesis statement. Compose it with the essay central idea.

4. Edit your paper. It is very important to proofread the essay before the submission.

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