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Erin Amedda

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Essay • December 13, 2009

Sample Scholarship Essay will Help you to Create your own Great Scholarship Essay

Students usually write scholarship essays for different scholarship competitions. Your essay may influence if you get the scholarship or not. That is why take it serious. You may also look through the sample scholarship essay of other students.

Some students that want to study at the prestigious university do not have money for their education that is why everyone wants to take his chance and try to apply for the scholarship. In addition, a good scholarship essay may be the key to success and getting the scholarship award.

First, think of the topic you want to uncover in your scholarship essay. It may be topic on any theme but still remember that the members of the award committee want to understand by your essay what person you are. That is why take the topic that is close to you, where you can reveal yourself, your thoughts, feelings, character. Try to show your critical thinking and creativity in writing style in your essay writing. In your research paper, you should demonstrate not only your intelligence and academic achievements but also your individual thinking.

The sample of scholarship essay may be the essay about your plans for the future. Tell the readers about your plans for future career. Write what university you want to study at and why; what profession you want to gain etc. Remember that the more you write about yourself the more advantages you may gain. The members of the scholarship committee like to read personalized topics. Reading individual essays they have an opportunity to look inside the applicant’s inner world, understand his life views, priorities and standards.
If you have defined the topic for your essay, make an outline. A good composed outline will help you to organize your thoughts. Write the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Make the opening paragraph or the introduction interesting and appealing. Therefore, it can draw readers’ attention. Remember that bad beginning of the essay is the weak point and it can spoil the general impression about the essay. In the main body, you may share your experience but make sure that your retelling is interesting and there is something new and unique in it, otherwise it will be just the repetition of the old essays. You may support your story with vivid examples or citations. But do not use vague examples and descriptions. Pay attention to the style that you use in your essay, do not use slang expressions or jargons.

If you want to look at the sample scholarship essay then use the internet. If you do not know how to write a term paper then go to custom service; there you may find term paper help or order custom essay.

Erin Amedda

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