There is no Possibility to Choose Your Own SAT Essay Topic

SAT Essay Topics Differ From the Other Essay Writing Tests

SAT Essay TopicAll students who live in the USA have to pass the SAT examination before they enter the college. These exams consist of the test section that helps to check the student’s knowledge in such subjects as English and mathematics. The second part of the test is an essay writing. Both parts of the SAT test are very important and influence the final score. If the results are poor the participant will not enter the college. That is why it is necessary to be prepared for the essay writing and have some practice of research on SAT essay topics and practicing on them.

The SAT exams consist of three parts or sections: English reading, mathematics and essay writing. The essay writing takes about 30% of the total score. That is why it is vitally important for students to know all rules and requirements of essay writing. Besides, it is important to be familiar with the SAT essay topics that are usually assigned to the participants. The students should also practice with their own essays to improve their writing skills. During the SAT exams the students do not have the right of choosing the SAT essay topic and have to write the one which they are assigned. This essay topic is also known as a prompt. It should be read and discovered very carefully. The student must clearly understand all the questions and come to know what is required exactly. So the analysis of the topic can be considered the first stage of your essay creation. Actually the prompt is similar to the essay topic and the only difference is a number of instructions and explanations the student should follow during the writing process. That is why the students should search for the topic samples or try their best writing their own prompts. It is advised to look for the particular literature or to visit special internet resources (governmental or national) and find all possible topics. You can also find a number of commercial resources where you can get help of the professional writers. Here is the list of the most common essay topics that can be assigned to the students during the SAT exam:

  1. The evaluation of things we struggle for.
  2. Happiness or Wealth: what is better for us?
  3. Is it difficult to be an egoist?
  4. Are money and success the biggest pleasure or a root of evil?
  5. Can the violence on TV influence our life?
  6. Sexual education at schools and its importance for pupils.
  7. Can the video games influence the teenager’s behavior?
  8. Is it better to be independent or depend on others?

You can find and discover thousand samples and try to write at least one SAT essay topic. If you feel it is too difficult for you, then try the professional writing service which will prepare you for the SAT exam. Our team consists of the professors and skilled writers who know everything about essay writing. Do not be afraid of asking for help at custom essay writing vendor

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