Writing the Color Purple essay

the color purple essay

Useful guidelines for writing the color purple essays:

The color purple is a novel written by Alice Walker in 1982. This award winning novel gives a detailed insight into the lives of black women, in the post world war I period.

Symbolism in The color Purple essay:

The novel made extensive and intelligent use of symbolism throughout the story, therefore writing the color purple essays can be a complex task. Students often use essay help for writing such demanding assignments as the color purple essay.
Four main symbols are used in this novel and must be discussed in the color purple essays:
• God: One symbol, meaning attributed to which by the heroine gradually changes with the story, is that of God. The black woman Celia, who has never had an education and knows nothing about faith, has created an image of God as a white man. As the story moves on, she gradually modifies her view and develops her own faith in God as a neutral entity, beyond all races and genders.
• Letters: The letters which Celia writes to her two friends throughout the novel are also symbolic. These are symbolic of Celia’s true self and her real thoughts. Surviving in a time period when women, especially the African American ones were quite oppressed beings of society, the letters were the only form of expressing Celia’s real thoughts.
• Purple: The purple color which is also the title of the novel is indeed symbolic of pain and suffering in life. Purple color is usually associated with suffering and abuse. The meaning attributed to this color: Purple, also changes with the development in story of the novel when Celia finds a friend, Shug and the same color purple is later symbolized as that of nature and peace.
• Pants: In post World War I period, women in the society, specifically African American ones were supposed to wear dresses only. Pants were a masculine clothing accessory and women wearing pants were considered odd. Working in a pant’s factory after escaping from ‘Mr’ is also a symbol of Celia’s liberty.

The Color Purple Essay:

The color Purple essays are not very easy to write. Following points must be considered while writing a Color Purple Essay
• The symbolism is quite complex and must be reflected appropriately in such an essay.
• Even if the essay requires a general summary, some of the symbolic themes must be added to it.
• The essays must be in a proper format and the headings of the essay must be systematic.
• Complete command on language is also a must in such essays.
• All characters must be presented along with a background of their expected and common social roles prevalent in the era being talked about in the novel.
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