Valeria Gorner

Valeria Gorner

TOK Essay is a Real Test for Students from Philosophic Courses

Essay • June 8, 2010

TOK Essays Can’t be Written Successfully Without Profound Knowledge of the Subject

TOK EssayEach year the students of the Theory of Knowledge courses are assigned to write  TOK essays. TOK discipline differs from the other studies. Its main purpose is to discover philosophic or other questions that do not have a clear answer. The students are required to show their view on a particular statement and to provide their thoughts and ideas about it. This writing paper is considered to be the most complicated and requires good knowledge and the ability to analyze the given task. There is no doubt that most of the writers feel uncomfortable writing these papers. There is no standard method for writing the TOK paper but the following suggestions may be quite helpful to you.

  1. First of all, you should think about the right content. Your TOK essay will not deal with the common subjects as the other paper works and you will have to answer a lot of questions during your writing process. Make sure the content of your essay contain the knowledge issues and contrast answers that will compare different types of knowledge sources.
  2. Another key point is to have your own opinion. Your TOK essay should contain your own thoughts. That is why make sure you have a strong and serious position on the discussed questions. Besides, you should use related points and samples in your research paper and try to compare different points of view.
  3. Always use the proper structure. Fortunately TOK papers have the same structure with the other essay types. It has an introduction, the main body part and the conclusion. Before starting your work make an outline and think about every step of your writing. There are different methods on how to start your writing correctly. You can write an introduction first and then create the main body part and the conclusion. Alternatively you can write the main body part, the conclusion and the introduction. Both ways have their own advantages and are used by students. All paragraphs of your essay should be logically connected. The introduction provides the main point of your essay, the main body parts describe them, and the conclusion provides the summarization of the whole essay as well as the student’s ideas on the matter.
  4. Speaking about the writing style of the essay you should keep in mind three things which will lead you to the successful writing. First of all, be precise. Do not use the terms that you can not understand correctly. Your essay should contain the words and sentences that you can easily explain. Secondly, try to be as simple as possible. Do not use much of a scientific language that can make the reader tired and nervous about your work. The last thing you need to know about the style is economy. Remember that the essay should not exceed 1600 words, so write short sentences and make sure each phrase has sense. If you can not do this, then make a rough copy, check it and take out what is useless.

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Valeria Gorner

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